Dbury: The Game Album Review

Ever since August of 2016 I have been listen  to The Rock Casserole on Digital Revolution Radio, hosted by Jeff Dbury and Mother Metal. I was introduced to the show by one the Motion Device Warriors, a fan page on Facebook for the band Motion Device, as the admin for the page asked the DJ’s if they could play a couple of songs by the band on the show. So I tuned to hear the songs. Over time I came to enjoy the show and made some awesome friends, including the DJ’s Jeff and Mother Metal.

On the website of DRR, there is a chat room where people can come in anytime and talk to people and the DJs of the shows, so when Jeff said that he was working on an album, the people there was saying That’s great news to hear.

Now Jeff is a drummer, and he has been since the 1980’s and played in a good few bands in that time. When he announced that the album The Game was finished the other day, I was like that is awesome I can’t wait to hear it in full, as I had heard a couple tracks from it over the last few months, and from what I heard it was good.

Over the last couple of days, I have listened to The Game a couple of times, and overall I am impressed by what I have heard. The main songs that songs that stood out for me was the title track of the album The Game, Homeward Bound, On Into The Night and Rock N Roll Party (Here Tonight).

If you like Blues and Hard Rock, you’ll gonna love Dbury, I would highly recommend you check him out on his Facebook page.

I would give Dbury and the album The Game a 4.5 out of 5 not only being a brilliant musician, but also being a brilliant DJ.

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