A Tear Beyond: Humanitales Album Review

A Tear Beyond is a Gothic – Industrial – Visual band from Vicenza, Italy. The band consists of CLAUDE ARCANO vocals, IAN guitars, UNDESC guitars, CANCE bass, PHIL keybs and orchestra and SKANO drums. Now, when I first got A Tear Beyond’s album Humanitale through, I put it on, whilst I was listening to it, […]

Atonement Theory: Illumination E.P. Review

Atonement Theory are a Industrial Metal band from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The band consists of Jay Jancetic-Guitar, vocals, percussion programming, keyboards/electronics, Greg Bruchert-Bass guitar & keyboards, Phil Marfoglio-Guitar and Eorl Scholl-Live Drums. If you like the bone crunching guitars of the Industrial Metal genre, you gonna love Atonement Theory, as this band has it all. […]

The Raygun Girls: Rising Dawn Album Review

I have been listening to The Raygun Girls for a few months now, and when they said that they have been working on a new material for an album, I was thinking “Oh cool, and I can’t wait for this to come out”. When I received an email through the other day from their manager, […]