The Flesh: Dweller EP Review

The Flesh are a Black Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Metal, Hardcore band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The band consists of Sven – guitar, Jelle – vocals, Jeroen – bass / backing vocals and Tom – drums. When I first heard of The Flesh, it was a few months ago, as I received the Dweller EP via […]

Sercati: Devoted, Demons and Mavericks Album Review

Sercati are a Melodic Black Metal band from Verviers – Li├Ęge, Belgium. The band consists of Steve “Serpent” Fabry – Bass, Vocals, Yannick Martin – Drums, Backing Vocals, Simon Charlier – Lead Guitar. Kenny Vrancken – The Nightstalker and Catherine Wilket – Miss Ombrelle. Over the twenty five plus years I have been a fan […]

Social Apathy: Procreation Album Review

Social Apathy are a Black Metal and Punk band from Athens, Greece. When Social Apathy contacted me via email, asking me if I was interested in having a listen to their debut album, Procreation so I emailed them back and said that I would love to and possibly do a review and play one of […]

Dying Awkward Angel: Absence Of Light Album Review

Dying Awkward Angel are a Death Metal band from Turin, Italy. The band consists of Luca Pellegrino: Drums, Edoardo Demuro: Guitars, Lorenzo Asselli: Guitars, Davide Onida: Bass Guitar and Michele Spallieri: vocals. When I came across Dying Awkward Angel a few months back, the Absence Of Light album was sent to me through via email […]

Infernotion: Habits Album Review

Infernotion are a Black Metal band from Berlin, Germany. The band consists of Peisestratos – Guitars/Vocals/Production and Sven – Bass-Guitar. When I received the Habits album through from Infernotion, I was OK, I might not be the biggest fan of Black Metal, but I do like it and appreciate it. When I put the album […]

Kamikaze Zombie: Night of the Nuberous Album Review

Kamikaze Zombie are a Horror Punk, Punk, Thrash Metal, Stoner, Doom and Black Metal band from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The band consists of Terry Quillen – Drums, Steve Cater – Guitar, Clint Spain – Vocals and Guitar and Damon Dodd – Bass. When I first got Kamikaze Zombie’s music the other week, I had to […]