Jupiter Zeus: Eyes On the Prize EP Review

Jupiter Zeus are an Alternative Metal band from Perth, Australia, The band consists of Simon Staltari – Vocals, Guitar, Aaron Smith – Drums, Jeremy Graham – Bass and Michael Lawson – Lead Guitar. Now, when it comes to Australia, I have been fascinated with the country’s music for decades, ever since the early eighties. Over […]

Invertia: The Crimson Screen Vol. 1 EP Review

Invertia are an Oppressive Industrial Black Metal band from New England, USA, The band consists of Dave Coppola – Guitarist/Vocalist and Tim Winson – Programmer/Keyboardist. When Invertia sent me the The Crimson Screen Vol.1 through, I didn’t know what to make of it at first, as this was a new genre of Black Metal to […]

Astray Valley: Unneth Album Review

Astray Valley are a Modern Metal band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Clau Violette: Vocals/Screams, Joan Aneris: Guitar, Àdri Funérailles: Guitar, Jorge Romero: Bass and Unai Splinters: Drums. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that there are several bands from Spain that are starting to make waves within the Rock […]

Decibel Demon: Declassified Album Review

Decibel Demon are a Thrash Metal and Hard Rock band from New Orleans, USA. The band consists of Brian Jeffrey (vocal), Francis M. Howard (guitars), Scott W. Latour (bass), and Moyses M. Howard (drums). Over the last 40 years, I have listened to a lot of music, especially Rock and Metal. Throughout eighties, I listened […]

Affasia: Adrift In Remorse EP Review

Affasia are a Dark Atmospheric Metal band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. The band consists of Noah Cabitto – Vocals, Jason Jennings – Guitars, Nick Lucente – Bass, Adam Coffman – Keys and Tony Petrocelly – Drums & Recording Engineer. In the last few years, I have been receiving a lot of different genres of Rock […]