5 Stories: The Last Song Video Review

5 Stories is a Hard Rock band from Jackson, TN, USA. The band members are: Mike Fuller – Vocals, Jacob Stokes – Guitar, Dustin Wood – Guitar, Chris Hornsby – Bass and Cory Ivy – Drums. I have been following 5 Stories for nearly a year now and in that time I have become a […]

The Loom Of Time: NihilReich Album Review

The Loom Of Time are from Aberdeen Australia, they are a Black Death Doom Metal band, The band consists of Bradley Delforce, Matthew Ratcliffe and Steven Reid. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that is more really awesome bands that are coming out of Australia, most notably Scorparia, and The loom Of […]

Sarcasm: Within the Sphere of Ethereal Minds Album Review

Sarcasm are from Slovenia and are an Old School Thrash Metal band, that has been around since 1987, the band consists of Aleš Blaznik – lead guitar, back vocals, founder, Aleš “Dime” Korošec – drums, member since 2008, Klemen Renko – guitar, member since first years, Vito Stričevič – bass, member since 2013, Grega Čadež […]

A Flourishing Scourge: A Flourishing Scourge Album Review

A Flourishing Scourge are a Progressive Blackened Death Metal band from Seattle, Washington, USA, and the band consists of Tye Jones: Vocals, Guitar, Kevin Carbrey: Bass, Andrew Dennis: Lead Guitar, Elijah Losch: Drums. A Flourishing Scourge have released their debut album A Flourishing Scourge on June 9th 2017. Over the last 25 plus years, since […]