Project Metal Across The Pond (January 26th 2023)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, Alase, Carrion, Hellssatans, Immortalizer, Elk City, TRYGLAV, Thrash la Reine, Empire de Mu, Hel’s Throne, Killhall, Hurricane On Saturn, SPEKTRVM, The Flying Caravan, Three Eyes Of The Void, Universound, Sirgaus, Egokills, CALL THE FRAUD, Lucy Kruger and The Lost Boys, Matt Geary, […]


Liv Sin Review

Liv Sin is a Swedish heavy metal band from Stockholm formed by Liv Jagrell. The single Let me out that was released in 2017 is a great song. The band also released the single Killing ourselves to live. What a cool song this is. They also released the singles Immortal Sin and King of the […]

An Interview With… June 1974

Over the last few years I have been doing lots of interviews, and there was one musician that I wanted to interview and that is Federico Romano from June 1974. Here is the interview As A kid what were you listening to? I started with pop music like Drum Theatre, Duran Duran, Tears for Fears […]

Hell’s Satans, Self Titled Album Review

Hell’s Satans Is a Chilean heavy metal fuses classic heavy metal with thrash metal. The band was formed in 2008. The Band signed with Wormholedeath for their upcoming self-titled Album Hell’s Satan. The Album will be Released on the 27 of January 2023. The First Track from the Album Leviatan is a great song, cool […]

Project Metal Across The Pond (January 19th 2023)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, Suburban Toys, Reality Suite, Bloodjob, Cancervo, Wreck-Defy, Revoltons, Russ Hewlitt, Loz Campbell, Crazy Mad Ride, Held Hostage, Krijak, Metal Factory, Blackment, Admire the Grim, Anubis, Arcana Collective, Atlas : Empire, Devil’s Whiskey, and Skid Row. If I have time I will add […]

Lonesome_Blue (Japan) Review

Lonesome_Blue (Japan) Is a hard rock / heavy metal band from Japan formed in 2022. The band members are Yuki Hirose, Maiko Nomura, Mizuki, Shinku, Narumi. The band released an EP in September 2022 First Utterance. The First Track Beginning of the end. It is awesome and perfectly done. The Second Track Parallel World. Is […]

Small Town Titans Review

Small Town Titans Is a 3 piece rock and roll power trio from York Pennsylvania. The trio is known for creating their own rules and not following others. They are 100% indie. In 2017 the trio released the single “ You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” This was the song that got the trio notice. […]

Project Metal Across The Pond (December 22nd 2022)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong and Skid Row. AGHIAZMA, Blood of Angels, Celestial Scourge, Oïkoumen, Hogtooth, Hollow, Carlos Arroyo, Little Pig, Midnight Road, Nemesis Inferi, Zane, Rick Reichert, Sepsiss, The Occult, The Sunrise, The Three Tremors, The Wake, VALIANT SENTINEL, The Wring, The Yets, Vanguardian, Venus Syndrome, […]