Project Metal Across The Pond (March 22nd 2018)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond with Ell Yong, I’ll be playing, The Raygun Girls, Freaky Jelly, Dreamgrave, Awaiting The Answer, From The Dust Returned, Dion, Del Shannon, Chuck Berry, Firststrike, Dark Waters End, Scottish Widows, John Carpenter, Lene Lovich, Mike Oldfield, Paradise Lost, Rush, Sepultura, Stuck Mojo, Motorhead, Banana Blonde, […]

From The Dust Returned: Homecoming EP Review

From The Dust Returned are a Progressive Rock and Metal band from Rome, Italy. The band consists of Alex De Angelis (vocals, guitars), Marco Del Bufalo (vocals), Miki Leandro Nini (bass), Danilo Petrelli (keyboards) and Cristiano Ruggiero (drums). Well, Italy you are doing it again, you are giving us another brilliant band in the form […]

Freight Train: I Album Review

Freight Train are a AoR, Melodic Hard Rock band from Rimini, Italy. Ivan Mantovani – Voice, Enrico Testi – Guitar & Backing vocals, Anton Bagdatyev – Keyboards & Backing vocals, Lorenzo Pucci – Bass & Backing vocals, Andrea Cappelletti – Guitar and Mattia Simoncini – Drums.  In the last 20  years or so, when you […]

Freaky Jelly: Reverse Album Review

Freaky Jelly are a Progressive Metal band from São Paulo, Brazil. The band consists of Ricardo DeStefano: Vocals, Andre Faustino: Guitars, Mauricio Grosso: Drums, Rafel de Paula: Bass and Julio Vince: Keyboards.   When Freaky Jelly sent me the Reverse album, I didn’t know what to expect, and when I put the album on to […]

Project Metal Across The Pond

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing: Prostitution, Next Bullet, Baleful Creed, Boyce, Dreemwich, Omnis, Uncle Sid, Father Befouled, Powerwolf, Dean James & The Black Dogs, Crease, Driven Serious, Lordi, PussyWillowFurryVenus, Ministry, White Zombie, The Raygun Girls, Nightwish, American Wrecking Company, Cavina, Black Road, Empress, […]

Father Befouled: Desolate Gods Album Review

Father Befouled are a Death Metal band from Illinois and Georgia. the band consists of J. Stubbs – Guitar/Vocals, R. Spencer – Bass Guitar, D. Goulding – Guitar and W. Satantopoulos – Drums. Well, since I discovered the Death Metal genre some 25+ years ago, I have listened to quite a lot of it, more […]