Hadal: Painful Shadow Album Review

Hadal are a Dark Metal band from Trieste, Italy. The band consists of Alberto: Vocals clean, growl, scream, Teo: Bass, backvocals, Frank: Lead guitar, backvocals, Max: Rhythm guitar and Daniele: Drums. Well, here is another band from Italy. From my initial listening of the album, this band from Italy is kicking it. Like I normally […]

Project Metal Across The Pond (May 24th 2018)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing Coburg, Black Space Riders, Casket Robbery, Zifir, Symetria, Sarcasm, Runescarred, Reece, From The Dust Returned, Irreverence, Grimtone, Greystone Canyon, Kamikaze Zombie, Nightbreak, Melody Slater, Dean James & The Black Dogs, Midnight Configuration, Burning Gates, Two Witches, Arisen From […]

Runescarred: We Are EP Review

Runescarred are a Heavy Metal band from Austin, Texas, USA. The band consists of Ven Scott, Tim Driscoll, Payton Holekamp and Josh Robins. When I first came across Runescarred, it was when I did a review and played Dead Earth Politics on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond, and when I tagged the […]

Insect To Monarch: Song Review

Insect To Monarch are a Acoustical Metal Classical Progressive Punk band. The Band consists of Vocals- Michael Montoya, Guitar- Matt Hinson, Guitar/Vocals- Chris Raines, Drums- Lucas Long and Bass- Matt Thomas. Over the last few weeks I have been sent five bands from Jenny and P7 Entertainment and one of those bands is Insect To […]

Jupiter Stone: Song Review

Jupiter Stone are a Blues Rock, Hard Rock band from Jackson, Tennessee, USA. The band consists of Josh and Steven Stewart, Tyler Yeomans & Keith Yap. I was sent two songs by Jenny from P7 Entertainment to play on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond and I am glad that she did as […]

5 Stories: Song Review

5 Stories are a Hard Rock band from Jackson, Tennessee, USA. The band consists of Mike Fuller – Vocals, Jacob Stokes – Guitar, Dustin Wood – Guitar, Chris Hornsby – Bass and Codey Kosark – Drums. When I first came across 5 Stories, it was back in around September of 2016, when I was watching […]

Blood Of The Dragon: A Tribute To Therion, Album Review

Therion are a Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band consists of Christofer Johnsson, Thomas Vikström, Lori Lewis, Sami Karppinen, Nalle Påhlsson, Christian Vidal. With current collaborators: Linnea Vikstrom and Chiara Malvestiti. When I first heard of Therion, it was back in (circa) 2006. I didn’t really pay much attention to them until circa 2015, […]