P.M.M. Headbangers Hall Of Fame

This is the page where we celebrate all the awesome people that promote all the awesome Unsigned and Independent artist, bands and singers. These people who promote these bands etc, do it for the pure joy of music and they do it for the advancement of those bands that they become fans of and they want those bands to succeed in what ever genre of music they have chosen.

The first person that got inducted into the Headbangers Hall Of Fame is one Susan Yorke from Canada, she has been promoting bands, singers and musicians for quite awhile now and she has brought a lot of new music to Project Metal Music and to a lot of people.

The Second person that got inducted into the Hall Of Fame is one and only True Warrior Helen Stewart, this young lady has been so active in bringing a lot of up and coming singers to the fore, and she always leads the charge when there is a Motion Device event going on, as she rallies the MD Warriors to go to those events on the radio etc.

The next inductee or should I say two Inductees into Project Metal Music’s Headbangers Hall Of Fame, they have done a lot to support the indie and unsigned bands, as they have played a lot on their radio show, they are Jeffrey Alan Dbury and Lizzie Dbury, They have show cased a lot of these band whether on their main Show The Rock Casserole or on Jeff’s all indie shows.

The next Inductee(s) are Mark Ferguson and his crew at the Phoenix Fire Department into the Headbangers Hall Of Fame for all they do for indie and unsigned bands and music and most importantly for being heroes that they are risking their lives day in and day to save others, they are the ones that are first on the scene are prepared run into a burning building etc, so Project Metal Music  salutes you.