Scarleth: Vortex Album Review

Scarleth are a Melodic / Modern Metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine. the band consists of Victor Morozov (guitar), Yana Kovalskaya (keyboards), Ekaterina Kapshuk (vocals), Igor Chumak (bass) and Philipp Kharouk (drums). Over the last few years, I have been noticing a good few bands that have been coming out of Ukraine, with such bands Pagaland […]

Massive Scar Era: Color Blind EP Review

Massive Scar Era are a Melodic Metal band based out off Vancouver, Canada and Cairo, Egypt. The band consists of Cherine Am – Vocalist and guitarist, Nancy Mounir – Violinist and Dylan Wijdenes-Charles – Bassist. Over the last few months, a good friend and fellow DJ, has been playing some of Massive Scar Era on […]

SoulHealer: Up From The Ashes Album Review

SoulHealer are a Melodic Metal Band from Kajaani, Finland. The band consists of Jori Kärki, Vocals, Lari Lämpsä, Bass, Kai Vainionpää, Drums, JiiPee Haikola, Guitar and Teemu Kuosmanen, Guitar. Over the last three four decades, since the Eighties, Finland has become a dominant force within the Rock and Metal scene, as the country has produce […]

Trollwar: Oath Of The Storm Album Review

Trollwar are a Blackened Melodic Folk Metal band from Alma, Québec, Canada. The band consists of Steeve JF : Guitar, Mathieu Chauvette : Guitar, Keven Villeneuve : Bass, Yanick Tremblay : Drum, Simon-Pierre Fortin Leclerc : Vocal and Jonathan Mathieu: Accordion. Over the last few years there has been a lot of musicains and bands […]

Perpetual Fate: Cordis Album Review

Perpetual Fate are an Alternative, Melodic Metal band from Padua, Italy. The band consists of MARIA GRAZIA ZANCOPE’ – Vocals, GIANLUCA EVANGELISTA – Guitar, MASSIMILIANO PISTORE – Guitar, DIEGO PONCHIO – Bass and MARCO ANDREETTO- Drums. Over the years, since I have listening to Rock and Metal, I come across a lot bands, some have […]

Uncle Sid: Music Review

Uncle Sid are a Melodic Hard Rock and Metal band from Vancouver, Canada. The band consists of Emerald Green/Vocals, Frank Scars/Guitar, Kirk October/Bass and Dale Salive/Drums. When Dale the drummer contacted me via Project Metal Music Twitter account a little over a week ago, to see if i was interested in doing a review of […]

Act Of Sin: Casting The Second Stone Album Review.

Act Of Sin are an Melodic Death/Thrash Metal band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. When I say that Act Of Sin is a brilliant band, they are. For the last few decades, Canada has produced some awesome bands. Most notably Rush, and in the last 10 years, Canada are making resurgence on the rock/metal front, with […]

Nebulium: Nebulium E.P. Review

Nebulium  are a 5 piece Blackened Death/Sci-Fi Metal band from Murrieta, CA, USA. They formed relatively recently of July of 2015. I first came across Nebulium on Twitter a week ago, and thought nothing of it when I followed on Twitter, as I do get a lot of musicians/bands etc, but when they messaged me […]