Symetria: Symetria Album Review

Symetria are a Heavy Metal band from Flemington, New Jersey, USA, The band consists of Vince – Vocals, Kevin – Guitar, Blair – Drums, Fernando – Bass and James – Guitar. Symetria is one of those bands that you might come across and you start thinking, Where has this band been all my life. To […]

The Smashed Idols: The Smashed Idols EP Review

The Smashed Idols are a Rock Punk band from Houston, Texas, USA. The bands consists of George B – Vocals/Guitar,  John Hager – Drums/Vocals and Neil – Bass/Vocals. Now, over the last few years, I have noticed a good few bands that are coming out of Texas, mainly in and around the Houston area. The […]

Dustin Behm: The Beyond Album Review

Dustin Behm is a Progressive Metal guitarist from 06 Genesis. Now when I got The Beyond album through from Dustin Behm, I was like, OK, out off all the music that I receive via email, it has been damn good. So I was quite curious to what Dustin Behm had come up with. I put […]

Dark Hound: Dawning Album Review

Dark Hound are a Metal band from Nashville, TN, USA. The band consists of ET Brown – Vocals/Bass, Evan Hensley – Guitars, Preston Walls – Guitars and Josh Brown – Drums. When people have a discussion about which city or country produces what genre of music. For example Norway, Sweden and Finland are famed for […]