Runescarred: The Distant Infinite Album Review

Runescarred are a Heavy Metal band from Austin, Texas, USA, the band consists of Ven Scott – Vocals, Tim Driscoll – Lead Guitar, Payton Holekamp – Drums, Josh Robins – Bass and Skunk Manhattan – Lead Guitar. Over the last few years, I have been following Runescarred very closely, ever since I did a review […]

Not My Master: Disobey Album Review

Not My Master are a Violent, Angry, Ugly, Dirty Metal band from El Paso, Texas, USA, The band consists of Charlie Gonzalez – Drum Beater, Chelo Styles – Guitar String Killa, Chris Kidwell – Vocal Cords and Rudy Barajas – Thump Master. Over the many years that I have been listening to the rock and […]

Northern Crown: Northern Crown Album

Northern Crown are an Epic Doom Metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.  the band consists of Zachary – Guitar, Keys, Vocals, Frank – Vocals, Guitar, Drums and Leona – Bass. When come to think about Doom Metal, I always think of such bands as, Black Sabbath, Type O Negative etc. So, when I got […]

Viqueen: Spill Your Guts Album Review

Viqueen are a Punk band from San Francisco, California, USA, The band consists of Alexa Rae, Courtney Cavanagh and Emma Hyatt. When a good friend of mine, JeffM, first introduced me to Viqueen, back in November of 2018, I was thinking, OK, lets see what they have for me. So when I listened to Viqueen […]

Swamphammer: Landanum Album Review

Swamphammer are a Swamp Rock band from San Mateo, California, USA. The band consists of TBA very soon – Vocals, Stephen Lynch – Guitar, Jimmy Arceneaux – Guitar, Laura Scott – Bass and Cody Antill – Drums. So, when Swamphammer sent me their Landanum album through, I was thinking, Oh, OK, I know these guys. […]

Wolftooth: Wolftooth Album Review

Wolftooth are a Stoner, Doom, Metal band from Indiana, USA. The band consists of Chris Sullivan Guitar/ Vocals, Terry McDaniel Bass, Jeff Cole Guitar and Johnny Harrod Drums/Vocals. When I first heard of Wolftooth earlier this year (2019), I was thinking, OK, this band is pretty decent. Now, I am not a big fan of […]

Mule Skinner: Airstrike Album Review

Mule Skinner are a Grindcore band from Nola, New Orleans, USA. The band consists of Ryan Ashmore – Vocals, Michael H. – Guitar, Tony Salisbury – Bass and Todd Capiton -Drums. Over the years I have listened to a lot of bands that are in the Grindcore genre, now some bands who are in the […]

Robotface: Robotface Album Review

Robotface are a Metalcore band from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The band consists of Jake Straw, Steven Moors, Zakk Sample and Andrew Whitaker. Over the last forty and some years, I have listened to a lot of different genres of Rock and Metal. In recent years I have listened to a good few bands that are […]