The Shiva Hypothesis: Ouroboros Stirs Album Review

The Shiva Hypothesis are a Blackened Death Metal band from the Twente region in the Netherlands. The band consists of ML (bass, keys, additional vocals, songwriting), JB (guitar, songwriting), BN (drums) and MvS (vocals, lyrics). When I first came across The Shiva Hypothesis, it was back in 2016, when they sent me three promo tracks, […]

Blood Of The Wolf: II: Campaign of Extermination

Blood Of The Wolf is a Extreme Metal band from Chicago Illinois, USA. The band consists of Mike Koniglio-Guitar and Vocals, Frank Garcia-Guitar, Christopher Grimes-Bass and Rick Hernandez-Drums. Over the last 35 plus years, I have become somewhat of a fan of Extreme Metal, and in that time I have seen it evolve into something […]

Soul Remnants: Ouroboros Album Review

Soul Remnants are a Metal, Thrash, Death Metal, Black Metal band from Littleton, MA, USA, The Band consists of Mitch Fletcher Vocals, Tom Preziosi Guitar, Chad Fisher Guitar, Ryan Murphy Bass and Colin Conway Drums. When I saw that Soul Remnants are bringing out the Ouroboros album on the 21st of July, I thought OK, […]

A Flourishing Scourge: A Flourishing Scourge Album Review

A Flourishing Scourge are a Progressive Blackened Death Metal band from Seattle, Washington, USA, and the band consists of Tye Jones: Vocals, Guitar, Kevin Carbrey: Bass, Andrew Dennis: Lead Guitar, Elijah Losch: Drums. A Flourishing Scourge have released their debut album A Flourishing Scourge on June 9th 2017. Over the last 25 plus years, since […]

Nebulium: Nebulium E.P. Review

Nebulium¬† are a 5 piece Blackened Death/Sci-Fi Metal band from Murrieta, CA, USA. They formed relatively recently of July of 2015. I first came across Nebulium on Twitter a week ago, and thought nothing of it when I followed on Twitter, as I do get a lot of musicians/bands etc, but when they messaged me […]

The Shiva Hypothesis: 2015 E.P. Review

A few days ago I received an email from The Shiva Hypothesis, so I thought “OK, whats this?” and I opened the mail and downloaded the 2015 Promo E.P. and started to listen to the 3 track E.P.just to get the feel for it before I get started the review. Now The Shiva Hypothesis are […]