House of None: In The Dark

When I got a message through on an Idlewar post, from the band House Of None I was OK I’ll check them out, as Idlewar recommended them to us.

Now, as I went to their Bandcamp page, at the moment they only have one song up at the moment, but it is a really damn good track. If you like hard rock and blues, you will loved this. The track has some amazing guitar work, with some brilliant riffing, and the singer has that edge to him that reminds me of Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin.

As I had a look at the bio of the band, I noticed that it does mention that they are influenced by Zeppelin, and also influenced by Sabbath and Soundgarden.

I have listened to this track a couple of times now and I do like it from what I have heard of them. I would recommended that people to go and check them out on either their Bandcamp or Facebook pages.

I would give them a 4 out of 5 for impressing me so far. I would like to hear more from them in the near future.

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One thought on “House of None: In The Dark

  1. I must agree from what I have hearded they are very good and the singer who sounds like Zeppelin is energetic; so good! I think my friends will loved this when I show it to them. And also they do remind me of Sabbath, as their bio says. This is really a promising band.


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