Trollwar: Oath Of The Storm Album Review

Trollwar are a Blackened Melodic Folk Metal band from Alma, Québec, Canada. The band consists of Steeve JF : Guitar, Mathieu Chauvette : Guitar, Keven Villeneuve : Bass, Yanick Tremblay : Drum, Simon-Pierre Fortin Leclerc : Vocal and Jonathan Mathieu: Accordion. Over the last few years there has been a lot of musicains and bands […]

Kormak: Fearenus Album Review

Kormak Fearenus   After never hearing Kormak before, I sat and listened to this folk metal concept album in its entirety. Tantalizing the imagination with whimsical melodic story telling slashed with verses of ravenous screams! Your instantly hit with what I call ‘battle metal’ in the opening track March Of The Demise. This epic (and […]

Mongol: Warrior’s Spirit EP Review

Mongol are a Folk Metal band from Devon, Alberta, Canada. The band consists of Tev Tegri – Vocals, Zev – Lead Guitar, Folk Instruments, Clean Vocals, Zelme – Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals, Sorkhon Sharr – Bass, Sche-khe – Folk Instruments & Keyboards and Bourchi – Drums. Over the last forty years, I only noticed a […]

Lou Quinse: Lo Sabbat Album Review

Lou Quinse are a Folkcore, Folk Metal band from Turin, Italy. The band consists of IX . L’ERMITE – voice and growls, I . LO BAGAT – diatonic accordeon, VII . LO CARRETON – flutes and pipes, XIX . LO SOLELH – guitars and Irish bouzouki, XVIII . LA LUNA – bass guitar and . […]

Frost Giant: The Harlot Star Album Review

Frost Giant are a Metal, Folk Metal and Epic Metal band from Philadelphia, PA, USA. The band consists of Matti Frost – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Scott Breustedt – rhythm and lead guitars, Ty Asoudegan – rhythm and lead guitars, Ian Bainbridge – bass, backing vocals and Armen Kohroglian – drums. Over the last few […]

Dusius: Memory Of A Man Album Review

Dusius is a Viking Folk Metal band from Parma, Italy. The band consists of Rocco: songwriter, guitar, choralist, High: songwriter, lead vocalist, Paso: songwriter, bass, backing vocalist, Alle “il malvagio”: songwriter, keyboards, Kra: songwriter, guitar, Fab: songwriter, drums and Davide:songwriter, flutes, bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy. Well, Italy has done it again, they have produced another brilliant band, […]

Metal Empire Showcase – gig review – Pt 2 Scythia

I am kind of mixed feelings about this band from Canada, but was very curious about them from the get go. Scythia are Dave Khan on guitars and main vocals, Terry Savage on bass and vocals and Celine Derval on drums and vocals. They call themselves a fantasy metal band, I call it folk metal. […]