Nightbreak: Wicked Angel Album Review

Nightbreak are a Hard Rock , Metal , Sleaze , Glam, Retro , Classic Rock. The band is based in New York City, The Bronx, USA. A few weeks back, like I normally do on a Sunday I was listening to The Rock Casserole. This is the radio that I first came across Nightbreak, as […]

Tribulance: The Aftermath of Lies Album Review

Tribulance are a Metal / Heavy Metal / Rock / Hard Rock they are from Tucson, AZ, USA. The band consists of Mike Vidal: Vocals, Sal Flores: Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals, Gino Silva: Bass/Backup Vocals and Brandon Lee: Drums/Backup Vocals. When Tribulance contacted me via Twitter asking if I did reviews for independent bands, I said […]

False Solution: Fractures E.P. Review

False Solution is a Hard Rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band consists of Jim Malone – Vocals/Guitar, Michael Robinson – Guitar, Jack Crangle – Bass and Eamonn Scott – Drums. When False Solution contacted Project Metal via email to see if I was interested in reviewing the Fractures E.P., so I thought OK, […]

On Top: Top Dollar E.P. Review

On Top is a Hard Rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and the band consists of three people, they are Jaron Gulino – Vocals/Bass, Danny Piselli – Drums/Vocals and Ric Haas – Guitar/Vocals. At first I wasn’t to sure about this band, but I thought OK, you haven’t even heard this band before, so give […]

Echotime: Side Album Review

Echotime are a Hard Rock/Metal band from Urbino, Italy. After I have listened to this album first time, I can hear some Symphonic Rock and little Prog Rock in there, as for as I can tell, Side is somewhat of a concept album. This 18 track album has some filler, but these are essential as […]