Metal Empire Showcase – gig review – Pt. 3 Vermithrax

November 5, 2016 – Marietta, GA – The 120 Tavern Continuing the evening at 120 Tavern was Vermithrax from Pittsburgh. Now the evening was really starting. The second great band I have seen from the city of steel this month (remember Homicide Black?), I think I need to make a trip one day. This band […]

Lawnmower Deth Music Review

Well, what can I say about Lawnmower Deth, apart from that they are fucking mental, but in a good way. I first heard of Lawnmower Deth back in 1991 when they did Kim Wilde’s Kids In America. When I heard of them, it was through Kim Wilde herself, when she was in Germany doing an […]

BABYMETAL: Metal Resistance Album Review

Ever since BABYMETAL announced they were doing Metal Resistance back in December, and it was going to be released on The Fox Day (April 1st), I was and like many other fans around the world, we were shouting “Yes, a new album, and its a proper full length one”. By the Kami Band, it has […]