Fate In Crisis: Fate In Crisis Album Review

Fate In Crisis are a Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of Troy Bell – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Riley Bell – Bass, Vocals. Over the years, more so in recent years, Canada has been producing some amazing bands, from such as King Ring Nancy, Sabre Tiger, Pink Cocoon, […]

Neutral Bombs: Pretend To Fly Album Review

Neutral Bombs are a Punk Rock band from Lugano, Switzerland. the band consists of Rudy Dexter Pulino, Mick Sedili, Matte Soldati and Gab Ferrantini. When I started to listen to Neutral Bombs, I thought that they were a Punk Rock band, and when I say that, I was about 90% sure of it because of […]

Ragweed: Music Review

Ragweed are a Punk Rock band from Brighton, UK.  I have listen to the two tracks that Ragweed sent me a few times now, the two tracks are Backbiter and Down The Drain. and I must say that these tracks are pretty good and they encapsulates the Punk Rock genre of the Seventies. Now the […]

Social Apathy: Procreation Album Review

Social Apathy are a Black Metal and Punk band from Athens, Greece. When Social Apathy contacted me via email, asking me if I was interested in having a listen to their debut album, Procreation so I emailed them back and said that I would love to and possibly do a review and play one of […]