Nomera: Holos EP Review

Nomera are a Metal Instrumental band from Valencia, Spain. The band consists of David Hernández (bateria), Aleksey Stepanov “John Base” (bajo), Vicente Roca (guitarra) and Jose Jurado (guitarra). When David the drum of Nomera contacted me via email to see if I was interested in doing a review for their Holos EP, I said OK, […]

Essence Of Datum: Nevermore Album Review

Essence Of Datum are an Instrumental Metal band from Minsk, Belarus. The band consists of thin strings (Guitars) – Dmitry Romanovsky, thick strings (Bass) – Alex Melnikov and membranes (Drums) – Pavel Vilchytski. And there is a couple of Guests Musicians: Nikita Metelski – saxophone and Alex Dzemidzenka – percussion. When I have thought back, […]

Glass Mind: Dodecaedro Album Review

Glass Mind is a Progressive, Instrumental, Metal band from Mexico City, Mexico. The band consists of Benjamín Berthier Guitar, Edgar Garduño Drums, Pablo Berthier Guitars, Michel Villamor Bass. When I come to think of the Mexican Rock/Metal scene, I don’t really think of the place as a Progressive Rock/Metal stronghold, I have always thought of […]