Project Metal Across The Pond (January 16th 2020)

On this week’s episode of Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, I will be playing, Wormhole, Tragedy In Hope, Then Falls The Sky, Howling Giant, The Perfect Tree, September Mourning, September Sky, Hence, Avalanche, Revenger, Rat King, Symetria, Spreading The Disease, Single Bullet Theory, Corners Of Sanctuary, DEAD|LOVE, Dead Earth Politics, Runescarred, Stella […]

Final Coil: Persistence Of Memory Album Review

Final Coil are a Alternative Rock, Progressive, Post-Rock band from Leicester, UK. The band consists of Phil Stiles – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitars, Richard Awdry – Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals and Jola Stiles – Bass / Design. When I put the Persistence Of Memory album on, to get my initial impressions of it. […]

Dean James & The Black Dogs: Gig Review

When Dean James posted on his Facebook on Wednesday that he was doing a gig on Friday 3rd of June, and I was thinking “I like this guy, and I’m going”. On Thursday I spoke to Dean to get directions to Pop Recs LTD (venue) as I wasn’t quite sure were the place was, but […]

Dean James & The Black Dogs Gig Review

When I first heard that Dean James & The Black Dogs were releasing a full album through Forgotten City Records a few weeks back, I didn’t take much notice of it, as I was doing other reviews at the time. It was at the beginning of this week, when I was talking to some people, […]

Outlaws & Moonshine: 1919 E.P. Review

On Thursday I was doing a review of a gig I went to two nights ago, and I noticed a message come up on Facebook, that was message was that Bill Chavis like the the Project Metal Music page on Facebook. So I went to his page on there, and I noticed that he Fouder/CEO […]