Dean James & The Black Dogs: Gig Review

When Dean James posted on his Facebook on Wednesday that he was doing a gig on Friday 3rd of June, and I was thinking “I like this guy, and I’m going”. On Thursday I spoke to Dean to get directions to Pop Recs LTD (venue) as I wasn’t quite sure were the place was, but […]

Dean James & The Black Dogs Gig Review

When I first heard that Dean James & The Black Dogs were releasing a full album through Forgotten City Records a few weeks back, I didn’t take much notice of it, as I was doing other reviews at the time. It was at the beginning of this week, when I was talking to some people, […]

Outlaws & Moonshine: 1919 E.P. Review

On Thursday I was doing a review of a gig I went to two nights ago, and I noticed a message come up on Facebook, that was message was that Bill Chavis like the the Project Metal Music page on Facebook. So I went to his page on there, and I noticed that he Fouder/CEO […]