Megalomatic: Symbolism EP Review

Megalomatic are a Heavy and Progressive Metal band from Glasgow, Scotland, The band consists of Jamie – Drums, Ben – Bass and Craig – Guitar & Vocals. In the past few months, I have gotten a good few bands from Scotland sending me EP’s and albums through, and all of these bands have been good […]

Symetria: Symetria Album Review

Symetria are a Heavy Metal band from Flemington, New Jersey, USA, The band consists of Vince – Vocals, Kevin – Guitar, Blair – Drums, Fernando – Bass and James – Guitar. Symetria is one of those bands that you might come across and you start thinking, Where has this band been all my life. To […]

Dark Avenger: The Beloved Bones: Hell

Dark Avenger are a Heavy Metal band from Brasília, Brazil. The band consists of Mario Linhares – Vocals, Hugo Santiago – Guitar, Glauber Oliveira – Guitar, Gustavo Magalhães – Bass Guitar and Brendon Hoffmann – Drums. Well, here is another band from Brazil that are absolutely brilliant, they are up there with other Brazilian bands […]

NACARBIDE: Lots Of Eyes Album Review

NACARBIDE are a Heavy Metal, New Wave Of Asian Heavy Metal band from Bangkok, Thailand. The band consists of Hitomi – Vocals, Masa – Guitar, Hassy – Bass and Hiro – Drums. When NACARBIDE contacted Project Metal Music via email about week ago, asking if I was interested in doing a review of their album […]

Ravensire: Tyrant’s Dictum EP Review

Ravensire are a Heavy Metal band from Lisbon, Portugal. The band consists of Nuno Mordred – Guitars, Rick Thor – Bass, Vocals, F – Drums and Zé RockHard – Guitars. Over the last few years, since I started Project Metal Music I have been getting a lot of amazing music from awesome bands from all […]

Crohm: Humanity Album Review

Crohm is a Heavy Metal and Thrash band from Aosta, Valle D’Aosta, Italy. The band consists of Sergio Fiorani – Lead vocal, Claudio Zac Zanchetta – Lead guitar, background vocal, Riccardo Taraglio – Bass, background vocal, Diego Zambon – Rhythm guitar and Fabio Cannatà – Drums. As I listening to the album Humanity from Crohm, […]