Father Befouled: Desolate Gods Album Review

Father Befouled are a Death Metal band from Illinois and Georgia. the band consists of J. Stubbs – Guitar/Vocals, R. Spencer – Bass Guitar, D. Goulding – Guitar and W. Satantopoulos – Drums. Well, since I discovered the Death Metal genre some 25+ years ago, I have listened to quite a lot of it, more […]

Expulser: Fornications EP Review

Expulser is a Death and Black Metal band from Lavras, Minas Gerais, Brazil. The band consists of Alessandro Lima – Bass, Junior Espartano – Vocals, Vinicius Destroyer – Drums and Alex Evaristo – Guitars. Expulser is an interesting band, as they disbanded back in 2004 after a fifteen years, and the reformed back in 2015 […]

Ataraxy: Where All Hope Fades Album Review

Ataraxy are a Death Metal band from Zaragoza, Spain. The band consists of Javi – Vocals, Guitars, Santi – Guitars, Edu – Bass and Viejo – Drums. In the last few years, I have noticed coming out of mainland Europe, other than the Scandinavian countries, a good few Black and Death Metal bands, Spain is […]