Mattersphere: Mattersphere Album Review

Mattersphere are a Metal and Hard Rock band from Canberra, Australia. The band consists of Lead vocals: Eddie Deakin, Lead guitar: Rob Catanzariti, Rhythm guitar: Brendan Blundell, Bass guitar: Doug Curry and Drums: Mitch Fielding. When I first heard of Mattersphere a couple of months ago, it was through a good friend and PMM’s Hall […]

Three Left: Music Review

Three Left are an Independent Metal and Hard Rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The band consists of Chadwick Davis – Vocals, Rich Czebotar – Guitar, Dan Beall – Guitar, Ron Hardcastle – Bass and John Miller – Drums. Over the last couple of months, since I received four tracks from Three Left, I have […]

Jupiter Stone: Song Review

Jupiter Stone are a Blues Rock, Hard Rock band from Jackson, Tennessee, USA. The band consists of Josh and Steven Stewart, Tyler Yeomans & Keith Yap. I was sent two songs by Jenny from P7 Entertainment to play on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond and I am glad that she did as […]

5 Stories: Song Review

5 Stories are a Hard Rock band from Jackson, Tennessee, USA. The band consists of Mike Fuller – Vocals, Jacob Stokes – Guitar, Dustin Wood – Guitar, Chris Hornsby – Bass and Codey Kosark – Drums. When I first came across 5 Stories, it was back in around September of 2016, when I was watching […]

Krimson Kross: Kingdom Of Shadows Album Review

Krimson Kross is a Symphonic, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. The band consists of Jeff Dbury (All instruments, vocals and co-writer) and Lizzie Dbury (co-writer of all songs, except track 8). For over a year and a half, I have been listening to Jeff and Lizzie Dbury on their radio show […]

Losing September: Two Song Review

Losing September are a Hard Rock Metal band from Muncie, Indiana, USA. The band consists of Bruce Fane – Vocals / Guitar, Nick Foreman – Guitar, David Lowe – Bass, Nick Figley – Percussion and Ben Bauman – Drums. Recently, Losing September sent me two songs called Crossroads and Idiot for submission to play on […]