Idlewar: Rite Album Review

Idlwar are a Hard Rock band from Orange County, California, USA. The band consists of James Blake – Bass and Vocals, Rick Graham – Guitar and Pete Pagonis – Drums. When Rite was released in 2017, at the time I didn’t get it, as I was super busy developing the Across The Pond radio show. […]

Jupiter Stone: Song Review

Jupiter Stone are a Blues Rock, Hard Rock band from Jackson, Tennessee, USA. The band consists of Josh and Steven Stewart, Tyler Yeomans & Keith Yap. I was sent two songs by Jenny from P7 Entertainment to play on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond and I am glad that she did as […]

The Raz: The Raz Album Review

The Raz are a Blues Rock band from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The band consists of Nick Meehan on Guitar, David Scott McBee on Vocals, Adam Shealy on Drums and Dale Raszewski (“Raz”) on Bass. When I received the album The Raz from the band The Raz a few weeks back. I put it on […]

Naked Six: The Temperance Movement Review

Naked Six are a Rock, Grunge and Blues band from York, Yorkshire, UK. The band consists of Seb Byford – Vocals and Guitar and Tom Witts – Drums. What can I say about this two piece band from York, that these guys have taken the grunge, rock and blues and mashed them together and came […]

Dean James: The Station Steam Up 2.

When I found out that Dean James was playing an acoustic set at the Engines Museum, here in Ryhope, Sunderland, UK, I thought OK, I am so there, as this Dean James is an amazing singer song writer. Dean is a Blues and Rock performer. When the day came, I was a really nice day. […]

Melody Slater: Metal Soul E.P. Review

Over the last 8 months, I have been listening to a lot of rock and metal radio shows on the internet, especially The Rock Casserole on the Digital Revolution Radio station. Now in that time I have become friends with the DJ’s Jeff Dbury and Mother Metal. On their shows they do a segment called […]