Insect To Monarch: Song Review

Insect To Monarch are a Acoustical Metal Classical Progressive Punk band. The Band consists of Vocals- Michael Montoya, Guitar- Matt Hinson, Guitar/Vocals- Chris Raines, Drums- Lucas Long and Bass- Matt Thomas. Over the last few weeks I have been sent five bands from Jenny and P7 Entertainment and one of those bands is Insect To […]

Axegressor: Bannerless Album Review

Axegressor are a Progressive Thrash Metal band Turku, Finland. The band consists of Johnny Nuclear Winter – throat,  Seba Forma – lead & rhythm guitar,  Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals and Atte Mäkelä – drums. When I received the Bannerless album from Axegressor, I wondered what it would sound like, as the band […]

NOSTOC: ÆVUM Album Review

NOSTOC are a Progressive Metal/Metal band from Costa Rica. The band consists of Freddy Lopez – Guitar and vocals, David Miranda – Guitar, Jorge Camacho – Bass and Emmanuel Calderón – Drum. After listening to the ÆVUM album a couple of times. This seven track album has a little bit of everything on it, there […]