Kalopsia: Angelplague Album Review

Ever since I got into Death Metal back in the early 1990’s, I have listened to a lot of over the 25 + years and Kalopsia is one of those bands that stand out for me. Kalopsia, hail from Kearny, New Jersey, USA, and the members of the band comprise of Matt Medeiros – Vocals/Guitars, Steve Horvath – Guitars, Justin Spaeth – Drums and Drew Murphy – Bass.

Like I always do, I listen to an album or E.P. a good few times to get the feel for what the band has to offer. With this album, Kalopsia have created a amazingly good album. They have some awesome drumming on this album coupled that with some excellent guitar and bass work and with Matt’s vocals layered over, it makes for a truly astonishingly brilliant album.

There are a good few songs that stood out for me on the Angelplague album, they are Scorched Earth and Blackened Skies, As The Serpent Devours, Not Peace But Pestilence and Bitter Sacraments. But overall, the album is brilliant.

If you like Death Metal, I highly recommend you go and check out Kalopsia on their Facebook page, on there, you can get more information.

I would give Kalopsia and the album Angelplague a 4 out of 5, as they have impressed me enough to want to hear more from them.

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One thought on “Kalopsia: Angelplague Album Review

  1. They sound intriguing. If I could make a friendly suggestion: it would be helpful for your readers if you embedded a sample of their music – either a youtube video, Soundcloud or Spotify link – so we could easily listen to one of their songs.


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