Shades Of Sorrow: Ascension Album Review

Shades Of Sorrow are Heavy Rock and Metal band from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The band consists of Mike Taylor, Pascal Deslongchamps, Monise Ouellette and Julien Leblanc. Over the last three years, ever since I started doing Project Metal Music, I have listen to a lot of music that has come out of Canada, with […]

Black Sunday Dream: Music Review

Black Sunday Dream are a Hard Rock and Metal band from San Lorenzo, California, USA. The band consists of Brian George (guitar), Donald Hillier (Vocals), Terrence Allen (Bass) and Dennis Galway (Drums). When I heard of Black Sunday Dream, it was a few weeks ago, was when they sent me their music through. As I […]

Astray Valley: Unneth Album Review

Astray Valley are a Modern Metal band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Clau Violette: Vocals/Screams, Joan Aneris: Guitar, Àdri Funérailles: Guitar, Jorge Romero: Bass and Unai Splinters: Drums. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that there are several bands from Spain that are starting to make waves within the Rock […]

Mattersphere: Mattersphere Album Review

Mattersphere are a Metal and Hard Rock band from Canberra, Australia. The band consists of Lead vocals: Eddie Deakin, Lead guitar: Rob Catanzariti, Rhythm guitar: Brendan Blundell, Bass guitar: Doug Curry and Drums: Mitch Fielding. When I first heard of Mattersphere a couple of months ago, it was through a good friend and PMM’s Hall […]

Era Capricorn: I Wander Alone Album Review

Era Capricorn are a Metal band from Essen, Germany. The band consists of Alex – Guitars / Bass / composition / Artwork and Marina – Keys / Synths / Band-Font / Artwork / Logo. Over the last good few years, I noticed that there is a lot of bands coming out of Germany. the most […]