Inkubus Sukkubus: Lilith Rising Album Review

Inkubus Sukkubus are a Gothic Pagan Rock band from Gloucestershire, UK. The band consists of Candia McKormack – Lead vocals and bodhran, Tony McKormack – Guitars, programming and backing vocals, Roland Link – Bass guitar and backing vocals, Nick Gibbs – Violin and Marcus Gilvear – Drums and other percussion

Over the last 20 some odd years, I knew of Inkubus Sukkubus, but I did hear anything by them until 2004, when I received their album Beast With Two Backs for a birthday present, at the time I only listen to that album a couple of times at the time, but I really didn’t listen to that until 2006, and since then I became a huge fan of theirs because of that album, and I managed to my hands on most of their albums.

2019 is their 30th years as a band and to celebrate that, they have done a new album, the album is called Lilith Rising. As Tony Mckormack sent me the promo pack, as I asked if it was possible to play the album on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show, and I have to say a big Thank You to Tony and the rest of The Inkies for the album. and I will play the album on this coming Thursday (October 31st 2019) show.

Now, like I usually do, I put the album on just to see what the album is like, so I knew roughly what to expect on the album, going on past experience, that this album was going to be good, and it is good.

Track listings: Lilith Rising, Wise Woman, Destroying Angel, On the Blood Red Sea, Angels of Darkness & Light, Back to the Wild Woods, Amongst the Stone Angels, Styx, The World Below the World, The Ruardean Bears, At the Tree at the Lonely Place and Who Made the Monster.

As I listened to the album, and as usual, Inkubus Sukkubus have created a dark supernatural album that explore Paganism, witchcraft, folklore and many others dark areas. The first song and title track Lilith Rising, is about the first vampire Lilith. The second track Wise Woman is about several women being in either in an abusive relationship, or being with a man that can’t satisfy her or standing up against bullies or getting a man that other desire, and this subject matter is overlaid with a haunting acoustic guitar. Destroying Angel is the third song, the intro starts out with the distinctive Inkies sound that runs throughout some of the other Inkie albums, the song is about the Angel of Destruction sent out to rid the world of evil.

On The Blood Red Sea is next, this is a really good song, with its brilliant music, the subject matter is about – in my mind – people being of good and evil and the turmoil that we all have to balance out and over come the evil dark side, but some fail and cause the seas run red with blood, but I could be wrong on this. Angels of Darkness & Light is next, this has an faster pace vibe to the music, with the song title like Angels of Darkness & Light, it is about good and evil and the battle of control over the world, and has some connection to the planet Venus, as it has another name Morning Star or Queen Of the Stars, from what I have found, Venus is in some part the creation of Lucifer, and to my mind this song is about Lucifer and his rebellion against God.

As the album went on Inkubus Sukkubus, touched on different subjects like, Paganism and folklore, on the song Back To The Wild Woods, this a song is about reconnecting with the earth. Amongst the Stone Angels, to me, this ong is about the stonehenges and henges in general, that are prevalent in the UK and Europe, as to some they are angels. Styx is another song that is really good, as this song is about the River Styx and crossing over to the land of the dead, and on this song the guitars of Tony are really good.

The World Below the World is another song that is good and I like the violin n this track which is played by Nick Gibbs, as it blends very well with the guitars by Tony. The Ruardean Bears is another good song. it is a slightly slower track and it has a sort of folklore vibe to the music with the style the violinist is playing. At the Tree at the Lonely Place is another good song, especially with the acoustic guitar and violin, I also like the bass line on this as well, as it gives the song some gravitas. The last track of the album is Who Made the Monster, this track is brilliant as it has a dark undertone to the music, with the ominous vibe from the piano and coupled that with the drums in the background, the guitars are brilliant as usual from Tony.

Well, Lilith Rising is brilliant album from Inkubus Sukkubus. Candia on this album is amazing, as her vocals keep on improving with each album – and this is their 25th album – the whole band has created something special here and say can’t enough how good this band is. So, if you like the Pagan Goth go and check Rock genre or wanting to listen to a band that you haven’t heard before, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Inkubus Sukkubus out either on their Facebook or their website page.

I would give Inkubus Sukkubus and their Lilith Rising album a 5 out of 5 for a brilliantly amazing album

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