Rebel Troubadour: Rebel Troubadour Album Review.

Rebel Troubadour are a Rock N Roll band fro the Peak District, UK. The band are Rob Townsend, Tony Rawley and Vince Crawford. Ever since I came across Rebel Troubadour, they were under the name of The Serpent Motors, but they recently changed their name to Rebel Troubadour. I have been talking to Rob Townsend […]

Dakesis: Fractures Album Review

Dakesis are a Prog Power Metal from Birmingham, UK. The band consists of Gemma Lawler – Vocals / Keys, Matt Jones – Guitar, Amie Chatterley – Bass and Adam Harris – Drums. Four years ago, I came across Dakesis. They sent me their album The New Dawn to have a listen and to review. So […]

Black Roze: Spiritual Hell Album Review

Black Roze are a Rock ,Heavy Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, Goth Rock band from Margate, Kent, UK. The band consists of Viixen, Baz Roze, Jaime Cortinas, Ron Maiden, Vic Stick. I have been listening to a lot of Rock and Metal over the last forty plus years, and I have come to love […]

Inkubus Sukkubus: Lilith Rising Album Review

Inkubus Sukkubus are a Gothic Pagan Rock band from Gloucestershire, UK. The band consists of Candia McKormack – Lead vocals and bodhran, Tony McKormack – Guitars, programming and backing vocals, Roland Link – Bass guitar and backing vocals, Nick Gibbs – Violin and Marcus Gilvear – Drums and other percussion Over the last 20 some […]

Madre Sun: Two Song Review

Madre Sun are a Rock band  based out of London, UK, The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass, Tyson Schenker – Guitar, Flipi Stipp – Drums and Matt Cavina – Backing Vocals/Guitar. Over the last three and half year, I have been following the careers of Eduardo and Matt Cavina and in that time […]

Cavina: Howls Of Mind Album Review

Cavina are a Hard Rock / Metal band based in London, England. The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass,, Matteus Cavina – Guitar/Backing Vocals and Javier Sanchez – Drums. Over the last three years, I have been following Cavina, and in that time, I have become really good friends with Matteus. When Matteus contacted […]