New Horizons: Inner Dislocation Album Review

New Horizons are a Progressive Metal Band from Pisa, Italy, The band consists of Giacomo Jack Froli – Lead Guitar, Nicola Giannini – Rhythm Guitar, Luca Guidi – Keyboards, Claudio Froli – Bass, Federico Viviani – Drums and Oscar Nini – Voice.

In previous review I have stated that Italy has been kicking the Rock and Metal butt as of late, as they country has been producing some amazingly good bands as of late, and New Horizon one is of those bands.

As I put on the band’s Inner Dislocation album on for the first time, just to listen to it and to get an overall vibe and to get some initial thoughts of what the band is going for.

Track listing: Introspective, Inner Dislocation, Where is the End, Born in the Future, Inhuman Wrath, Evolution, Borderlands (part I), Borderlands (part II) and The Trail of Shadows.

The first track is Introspective, this intro is pretty cool, as it is a instrumental and is only about a minute long, but it sets up the album brilliantly. The next song is the title track Inner Dislocation, this leads on from the intro in its epicness, with a symphony type vibe accompanying the metal music, this is also an instrumental. Up next is Where is the End, this song delves into Metal proper, but it has piano and synth running through the song, it also has a 1920’s vibe on certain parts of the vocals, as this reminds me of the Irvine Berlin’s song Puttin’ On The Ritz.

Born in the Future is next, this song has a more ballad feel to it, and this has a good piano accompaniment throughout the song and there is some cool guitars solos and riffs, also the vocals are on point. Inhuman Wrath is next, this has a more Metal overtone, and has some brilliant symphonic elements to the song. and the vocals are on point, as there is small amount of growl on there, plus the bass has some solos on parts of the song.

Evolution is up next, this song is one of the longest tracks off the album coming in at over eight minutes, this is another good Instrumental and is a cool track, as it  has cool piano throughout, and the song is good Progressive Metal track, as it is takes you on a journey with its ups and downs. Borderlands (part I) is next, this is a cool track, this has some cool piano at the beginning, and it continues throughout the song, the vocals are really good. Borderlands (part II) is next, this song carries on in the similar vain as part I and is another cool song. The Trail of Shadows is the last track and is the longest off the album, this song is pretty epic with the guitars, drums and the symphonic elements, on certain parts there is some cool backing vocals, also some brilliant guitars and drums.

Well, I really liked Inner Dislocation, and Hew Horizons is a really good band, as they blended several different music styles together really well, as they took the Symphonic, Metal and Progressive and mashed them together and created something good. So, if you like the Progressive Metal genre and/or wanting to listen to a new band, then I would recommend that you go and check New Horizon out on their Facebook page.

I would give New Horizons and their Inner Dislocation album a 4.5 out of 5, for an epic album

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