Fate In Crisis: Fate In Crisis Album Review

Fate In Crisis are a Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of Troy Bell – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Riley Bell – Bass, Vocals.

Over the years, more so in recent years, Canada has been producing some amazing bands, from such as King Ring Nancy, Sabre Tiger, Pink Cocoon, Dream Aria, Motion Device just to name a few of the awesome talent, that Canada has released onto the world, the most famous band that has come out of the Canada is Rush, as they were one of the first bands that really paved the way for the amazing talent that is coming out of Canada today.

So when I got Fate In Crisis sent me their self titled album through, before I did any research on the band, I usually put their music on first, just to see what they have to offer, and to get an initial idea what the band is going for. After my initial listen through, my thoughts where that the band is pretty good.

As I sat down to do this review, I put the album back on, so can listen to it and to pick up on stuff that I have missed, when I first listened.

Track listing: Fate Torn Apart, Upon A Withered Cross, Take Your Breathe Away, Reverie Of Flames, City Of Lies, The Tides Are Pulling Me Under, A Demon Inside, Scars In Your Heart, Skies Turn Black and The Fire Will Set Us Free.

The first track on the album is Fate Torn Apart, this is a cool song, as it has some cool guitar work from start to finish, the drums are on point, at first I wasn’t to sure about the vocals but with a couple listens to the whole I got used to them and become of a fan of them as the band have a sort of Punk and Growl on most, if not all of the songs, and they work really well together and compliment each other.

Up next is A Withered Cross, like the first track, this has some cool guitars and riffs, from what I can hear, a double bass drum, which is cool as they help drive the song along, and the vocals are on point. Take Your Breathe Away, is next, with this song, it is more of a Punk song, but with some growls overlaid on it, with that said those growls work well with the Punk vibe. Reverie In Flames is up next, on the whole, I like this song, as this has some brilliant drums and guitars and the vocals are on point.

City Of Lies is next, this song is a much slower than the previous tracks, but it is still a good song, as there is some cool guitar solos, drums and vocals. The Tides Are Pulling Me Under is next, this has a cool intro, and also – sort of – follows on from City Of Lies, with is tempo and construction, there is some cool guitars on this, where they blend electric and acoustic guitars really well. A Demon Inside is next, now back to the fast pace tunes, this is a pretty cool song in its intensity, the growl vocals and drums are more prevalent on this song, and the clean vocals have taken a backing vocal stand, and there is some cool solos as well.

Scars In Your Heart is next, this song is similar to the previous song in its intensity with the drums and guitars, the clean vocals are back leading with the growl doing the backing, there is a cool solo on this with some brilliant riffs. Skies Turn Black is next, this song’s intro has a more of a punk vibe to it, and it carries through the song, and in places in the song, it has a couple of slow moments, but they are cool, and overall really good song. The last song off the album is The Fire Will Set Us Free, this is a good outro track, as the music is brilliant and both the the clean and growl are pretty much front and center, their is some cool solos and riffs on this.

Well, overall, Fate In Crisis is a cool band. They have created a good album in their self titled album. As I went through this offer, on thing that kept coming up, was that the clean vocals reminded me of the band Green Day, but in a good way. With that been said, if you like the Alternative, Rock, Metal and Punk genres or you wanting to listen to something new, then I would recommend that you go and check Fate In Crisis out on their Facebook page.

I would give Fate In Crisis and their self titled album a very solid 4 out of 5

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