Massive Scar Era: Color Blind EP Review

Massive Scar Era are a Melodic Metal band based out off Vancouver, Canada and Cairo, Egypt. The band consists of Cherine Am – Vocalist and guitarist, Nancy Mounir – Violinist and Dylan Wijdenes-Charles – Bassist. Over the last few months, a good friend and fellow DJ, has been playing some of Massive Scar Era on […]

Fate In Crisis: Fate In Crisis Album Review

Fate In Crisis are a Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of Troy Bell – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Riley Bell – Bass, Vocals. Over the years, more so in recent years, Canada has been producing some amazing bands, from such as King Ring Nancy, Sabre Tiger, Pink Cocoon, […]

Trollwar: Oath Of The Storm Album Review

Trollwar are a Blackened Melodic Folk Metal band from Alma, Qu├ębec, Canada. The band consists of Steeve JF : Guitar, Mathieu Chauvette : Guitar, Keven Villeneuve : Bass, Yanick Tremblay : Drum, Simon-Pierre Fortin Leclerc : Vocal and Jonathan Mathieu: Accordion. Over the last few years there has been a lot of musicains and bands […]

Arcticcircle: When Ice Meets Ocean Album Review

Arcticcircle are a Bush Metal band from Manitoba, Canada. The Band consists of Sean Vermentor: guitars, vocals, Jon Cloud: drums and symbols and Chris Nethery: bass guitar. Well, over the years I have listened to a lot of bands from Canada and Arcticcircle is another one from there, When I put the When Ice Meets […]

Scalefighter: Music Review

Scalefighter are a Hard Rock and Metal band from British Columbia, Canada. The band consists of Craig Passant, Scotty Gamble, and Robin Lei Tietz. In the last few years, I have listened to a lot of music that has come out of Canada, and that music has been brilliant, and some of the bands that […]

Mongol: Warrior’s Spirit EP Review

Mongol are a Folk Metal band from Devon, Alberta, Canada. The band consists of Tev Tegri – Vocals, Zev – Lead Guitar, Folk Instruments, Clean Vocals, Zelme – Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals, Sorkhon Sharr – Bass, Sche-khe – Folk Instruments & Keyboards and Bourchi – Drums. Over the last forty years, I only noticed a […]

Shades Of Sorrow: Ascension Album Review

Shades Of Sorrow are Heavy Rock and Metal band from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The band consists of Mike Taylor, Pascal Deslongchamps, Monise Ouellette and Julien Leblanc. Over the last three years, ever since I started doing Project Metal Music, I have listen to a lot of music that has come out of Canada, with […]

Dawn Vally: Song Review

Dawn Vally is a Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Vocalist- Sycrote, Bassist- Jeff, Drummer- Joe Nail and Guitarist- Rhys. When Dawn Vally sent me two songs through the other day, I was OK, what you got to offer. So I played the songs and I found that these guys were […]

Max Phoenix: Knife City Album Review

Max Phoenix is a Rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In the last year or so, I have been getting a lot of music sent to me via my email, and I would say that about fifty per cent of it comes through from the Project Metal Music Twitter page, and Max Phoenix was one […]

Malacoda: Ritualis Aeterna EP Review

Malacoda are a Dark Melodic Metal band from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Lucas Di Mascio – Vocals/Bass/Keys, Cooper Seldon – Guitar, Daniel Alonzi – Guitar and Michael Farina – Drums. Now, Malacoda is yet another awesome band that is from Canada. I don’t know what Canada is putting in the water, but […]