Fate In Crisis: Fate In Crisis Album Review

Fate In Crisis are a Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of Troy Bell – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Riley Bell – Bass, Vocals. Over the years, more so in recent years, Canada has been producing some amazing bands, from such as King Ring Nancy, Sabre Tiger, Pink Cocoon, […]

Dawn Vally: Song Review

Dawn Vally is a Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Vocalist- Sycrote, Bassist- Jeff, Drummer- Joe Nail and Guitarist- Rhys. When Dawn Vally sent me two songs through the other day, I was OK, what you got to offer. So I played the songs and I found that these guys were […]

Max Phoenix: Knife City Album Review

Max Phoenix is a Rock band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In the last year or so, I have been getting a lot of music sent to me via my email, and I would say that about fifty per cent of it comes through from the Project Metal Music Twitter page, and Max Phoenix was one […]

Decatur: Badder Than Brooklyn Album Review

Decatur are a Metal band from Toronto, Canada. Now, over the last few years, I have come across so many Canadian bands, and Decatur is one of them. there is a long list of Canadian bands that have burst on the scene, and when Decatur sent me the Badder The Brooklyn album, I was OK, […]