Scottish Widows: Scottish Widows II EP Review

Scottish Widows are a Guitar Driven Hard Rock from New York City / New Jersey, USA. The band consists of Rick Cabrera – Lead Vocals, Carl Rizzo – Guitar & Vocals, Mikey Vee – Drums & Vocals and Al Russo – Bass, Vocals.

When I got the Scottish Widows II EP through from the band a few months back, I hadn’t had the chance to listen to it up until recently, as I had other reviews to do, but when I put the EP on I was mightily impressed with it. Scottish Widows band is a band that is a Hard Rock band that takes influence from such bands such as Led Zeppelin. As I listened to the EP, I could detect a little early AC/DC in some of the vocals and guitars on the tracks.

What makes this EP good, is that, they have taken the Hard Rock genre and put their own spin on it. As I listened to this EP for the third time, I have come to really enjoy what they have created on it, as all of the tracks have some brilliant riffs and the vocals are on point, if you like the Hard Rock genre you gonna love this bad and EP.

The songs that I liked on this EP are: Are You Gonna Give Me Some, Shallow, Down For The Count and Souless, these are I like because I really liked how they have written the tracks and I loved the shredding and riffing on them especially on Souless.

Overall, the Scottish Widows II EP is brilliant and I would recommend that you go and check out no only this EP, but the band Scottish Widows on their Facebook page.

I would give Scottish Widows and their EP a 4.5 out of 5.

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