King Ring Nancy: Arm Your Baby Album Review

King Ring Nancy are a Rock, Hard Rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. the band consists of Dan Ringuette – Rhythm Guitarist, Pete Mead – Lead Guitarist, Kevin Milloy – Lead Vocals, Darwin Handley – Drummer and John Turnbull – Bassist.

When I first heard of King Ring Nancy back in the September time of 2016, it was on a couple of shows, one of those shows is The Rock Casserole on Digital Revolution Radio. Over a year and a half, I have listened to quite a bit of their music. In that time, I haven’t heard no bad songs from them.As I have said in previous reviews, Canada have really raised their game in recent years, when it comes to Rock and Metal bands, and King Ring Nancy is one of those bands that are leading the charge of the Canadian Invasion on the Rock and Metal world. Canada has so many good talented bands, going from good old Rock bands like King Ring Nancy and going through to the Death Metal, with such bands like Gorguts.

When the band sent me Arm Your Baby album, I was looking forward to putting it on and listening to it. As I listen to Arm Your Baby album all the way through, I have become even more of a fan of King Ring Nancy, more so than I already was. The whole album is brilliant.

The tracks off this album that I really took a liking to is: Choke On This, Cut Me Loose, Get The Point, Obscene, The Past, Reborn, Skeleton Dance, Thorn In My Side and Trip. There is one track off this album, that is my ultimate favourite and that song is Skeleton Dance. All the songs on Arm Your Baby album are really, really good.

Over the last forty years, ever since I was old enough to sit down to listen to music and appreciate it, I noticed over the years, that there has been a good few bands that have produced an album or EP, that when it was released, I totally rocked out to them and King Ring Nancy’s Arm Your Baby album is one of those albums. I couldn’t help myself, when I was listening to this album, I had to turn the volume up and start rocking out.

If you haven’t heard Of King Ring Nancy, you need to go and check them out on their Facebook page as they are absolutely brilliant.

I would give King Ring Nancy and their album Arm Your Baby a 5 out of 5 for a totally awesome album.

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One thought on “King Ring Nancy: Arm Your Baby Album Review

  1. Ricky Fersovich played bass and recorded bass tracks on most of KRNs material, also him being one of the founding members and performed during the longest run of any success KRN managed to achieve , give credit where it’s due.


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