An Interview With…. Tribulance

Over the last 6 months I have played a lot of music on my radio show and in that time I came across Tribulance, a band that I have come to respect as they are a consummate professionals and they love their fans. When I was speaking to the representative Theresa, about getting an interview, she said, They would love to do an interview. So this is the, An Interview With…. Tribulance.

What got you into music?

Brandon: “I don’t think it was one thing in particular, I think music was just in my blood, it’s nothing that I really set out to do, it just happened. Both my Father and my Grandfather were/are musical so it’s something that just seemed natural. I grew up at an early age listening to country music on my dads old 8-Tracks and it progressed from there. Found Motley Crue and STRYPER around 1983-84 and it was all over from that point on!”

Sal: Music itself got me into music.  As far back as I can remember, I was always aware any time music was being played (back then mostly on the radio).  I remember specifically hearing More Than a Feeling by Boston when it first came out.  That may very well have been the first song that started it for me.  I must’ve been around 5 or 6.  The guitar really stood out to me, and so it began.

Before starting Tribulance, were you in any other bands?

Brandon: “I spent a few years tinkering around off and on early on. Had a few little Jr. High / High School bands, was in an early band with our old bass player Gino Silva called “Sweet Revenge,” drummed for a cat named Shannon Mier for awhile, then I went back to school. Picked up guitar again (played at an early age) and started writing my own songs. Took up dirt track racing (raced a UMP Dirt Modified 2007-2010) around 07, then got a call from Gino to join his band at the time. Couldn’t do that due to time restrictions and other obligations, so I continued to race and write on guitar until I got a call from him again, except this time the band was TRIBULANCE and I was free. I happened to have a pretty bad crash on the race track which took me out of racing, so this time when Gino called it was on… The rest is Trib-History…”

Sal: I was in maybe 2 different band before Tribulance.  Garage type heavy metal band that pretty much stayed in the garage.  I played with Mike (our singer) in 2 of those bands. 

Could you tell us a little bit about Tribulance?

Mike: Well, Tribulance is a group of down to earth guys from Tucson, Arizona that have Metal in our blood!  To be honest, what we have in common is that we ALL love Heavy Metal music!  When Sal comes up with a guitar riff, or two or even a song, if the riffs or song sound good we build off that to complete the full song; there’s really no hidden magic to that piece of it.  We are all about playing live and connecting with the audience.  We want to be able to provide a great audio and visual show for our fans, whether they seen us before or they’re new fans; we want to be able to leave them with “good” memories of our live show, so we put 100% of our focus and energy to be able to deliver that lasting impression!

The album The Aftermath Of Lies. How did that come about?

Mike:  After our “short break” (14 years), we regrouped.  Each and every one of us felt that “there was some unfinished business”!  The album “The Aftermath of Lies” is about our life experiences during that 14 year musical absence;  it’s all about being the best human being you can be, live without regret, if not you’ll “Reap What You Sow” as the lyric’s chant at the end of the opening song “Oblivious”.

Is there any new material planned for the future?

Brandon: “We’re actually in the process of writing for our new album slated for a late 18, or early 2019 release! We were in the studio not too long ago cutting a three-four song EP to buy some time until the new album is finished. Out of the songs on the EP, one may, or may not, make the new album, not sure yet, it’s still pretty early in the process. However, I’m sure the EP songs will see the light of day at some point. Either that, or they’ll be a cool limited edition EP pressing for collectors? We’ll figure something out.”

Is there any gigs/tour planned for the US? or even further afield, such as Europe?

Brandon: “There are plans to do many things in the upcoming future, touring is one of them. We would LOVE to get to Europe at some point for sure! We we’re close at one point and things fell through so hopefully this next time we can close the gap and get things done, but yea, gigs/touring is in the near future.”

Any advice for all the aspiring musicians/bands out there who want to become a musician?

Brandon: “Don’t quit your day job!”

Sal:  If you want to pursue music, do it because you love it.  Do not go into it with high expectations; especially in this day and age.  Have fun with it!  Think of it as a hobby or an extracurricular activity.  If it goes somewhere, great!  If not, then at least you’re enjoying life.  Think of it this way:  if you really like to work out, do you do it to be the next Mr. Olympia?  If you really like cooking, do you think you’ll be the next culinary celebrity with your own TV show?  If it happens, nice!  If not, no problemo.  Keep it in perspective and you won’t be disappointed. 

Thanks for all the love and support dude!

I would like to thank Tribulance for taking time out to do this interview, it is very much appreciated, and I would also like to thank Theresa for setting this interview up for me. Thank You so much.
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