Elevation Falls: Origins EP Review

When I first heard of Elevation Falls, it was through an email sent by the their manager Belinda. So I checked them out.

This 5 piece band from Dublin, Ireland, consists of Hazel Jade – Lead Vocals/Piano/ Acoustic guitar, Chris ‘Crispy’ Young – Lead/Rhythm/Backing Vocals, Darragh Lead/Rhythm/Backing Vocals, Gabriel Grecco Bass/Backing Vocals, and Ally on Drums.

The Origins EP came out in 2015. Over the course of me listening to this I have noticed that Hazel Jade has some powerful vocals, and she is surrounded by some pretty talented musicians.

The first track off the EP is Goodbye To You, which struck me straight off the bat and impressed me enough to listen to the rest of the EP. Infinite Always was up next OK this might have a slight pop edge to it but it has that Goth undertone to it.

May You Be, is the 3rd track, which is a primarily an acoustic track on the whole overlaid with some electric guitars and some sweet piano, this song is a perfect chill out track. Souls Burning is inspired by the classic rock and blues from the 1970’s and 80’s, the song has some sweet drums and a really nice bass line, the lead guitars are sublime as they have that blues vibe to them as this reminds me of Eric Clapton and Jimmy page from the 70’s, the song is topped of by the amazing Hazel Jade’s vocals.

Brought Me Down, this song reminds me of Santana with the guitars, and if you are a fan of Santana you would love this track. Lately, on this track you can hear some of the influence of Fleetwood Mac on the guitars and it is a really good track. There is some sweet riffs on here that aficionados of the riffs would enjoy listening to.

Tonight is the last track of the EP, this is another good chill out rock song that combines the acoustic and electric guitars perfectly, as they bring a sort of light of the acoustic and the slightly dark of the electric guitars and couple that with the lyrics of the song and vocals of Hazel Jade, this song is really good.

Well I have heard the origins EP a good few times now, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who like the blues, rock and classic rock genres of music.

I would give this EP a 4 out of 5, I would love to hear their next album which due out later on in the year, and I would love to see live when they tour in the summer.

Project Metal Music.

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