Phase: The Wait Album Review

When I first heard Of Phase back in November of 2016, it was through talking to Thanos Grigoriou, the main guy of Phase. When I did the In Consequence review back in November, I enjoyed listening to the album, and I had to come back to the band and see what else they had to offer.

The Wait is the second full album by Phase, who hail from Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK.

When I listened to Phase again I had forgotten how good these guys were, the first track off The Wait album is called Magical Thinking, and it is really good as it transported me back to the mid to late 80’s, when I was exploring the goth scene and music. As I listened to the album the 3rd track Point Of You has that Psychedelic post punk vibe to it which will get thinking damn this band is good.

Sowing Scorn and Amethyst are tracks that hark back to the early to mid 80’s Goth Rock, when Punk pretty much died out and the raise of band such as Souxie and the Banshees and Killing Joke were coming to the fore when they were developing the early sounds of goth. Amethyst has an element of middle eastern style music at the end of the song.

Remnants (Of A Former Worry) is up next and this has a Prog Rock vibe to it, as it has that richness to it with the some instrumental styling of the middle eastern music. Wake Up Call, I can see this track being used on a Luc Besson movie as it has epicness to it as it has the soaring guitars.

Reprise is a bit of strange to me, and I can’t get my head around it, as it has a french vibe to it with the accordion, but strangely enough it works with the vocals that was used on it. Homeseek Dark Blues is the longest track of the album at just over 7 minutes long, and this has to be my favourite song of the album, as it has a mixture of acoustic and electric guitars and with the various forms of drums being used, and the Arabic music being heavily used of the track it is truly amazing.

Birthday Song, is a re-imagining of the song with some new lyrics added to the song, set to the psychedelic sound.

After I have listened to The Wait, and I have come to the conclusion that Phase are a brilliant band and I do highly recommend them to anyone to go and check the out on their Bandcamp page, and give them a listen to.

I would give The Wait album a 4.5 out of 5, I would like to see these live at some point.

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