An Interview With… Elevation Falls

Recently, PMM did an interview with Elevation Fall. The interview is a brilliant read.
Hey guys, could you introduce yourselves and tell us what you play within the band?

HAZEL JADE: I’m Hazel Jade and I’m the lead singer in Elevation Falls, I also play guitar and piano when writing. Music is my life. I have taken a break from my college to pursue this, I was studying Film and Media, as I’ve a huge interest in films and love the soundtracks. As a pianist I appreciate the production and sounds that are part of the movie.  We went to see Star Trek with a live orchestra performing the score, it was unbelievable.  Maybe someday I’ll compose scores for movies!

DARRAGH: Hi my name is Darragh and I’m one of the lead guitarists! I’m currently studying bioscience at college, but music is my first love. My family have always been part of the music scene in Ireland, so it’s in my blood!

CHRIS: Hey I’m Chris p sausage and I am one of the lead guitarists. At the moment I’m working in a restaurant, but they’re really cool, because they have given me time off to go and tour this summer.  I want music to be part of my life always.

GABRIEL: I am Gabriel, born in Brazil, living in Ireland for more than 4 years. I play bass. I’ve been playing many instruments all my life, and I’ve taken up all the roles in Elevation Falls over time. Starting out as EF’s drummer, I moved to guitar and now I’m on bass. I’m also a singer, and sometimes I sing for the band, most of the time, I do backing vocals… I can do very high backing vocals too haha!

KOREY: I’m Korey Thomas and I play the drums. I’m still attending school, but drums are my absolute passion.  I can also play guitar and tin whistle!  I’ve recorded a few songs with me playing all the parts! I’ve just joined EF, and I’m really looking forward to playing on stage.  We had our first gig together recently, and it was amazing.

What music were you listening to when you were kids? What were your influences growing up?

  HAZEL JADE: When I was younger I listened to all types of music because of my parents. My mother loved music with soul and expression, artists like David Bowie, Carole King, Amy Winehouse, Genesis, Pink Floyd, alongside many other amazing songwriters, she loved Diane Warren’s compositions. She also loves jazz such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis, and great composers like Gershwin. She made me very interested in classical music which lead me to love movie classical soundtracks with composers like James Horner and Hans Zimmer, we even listened to country artists together. My father was big into bands like the Beatles, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Crowded House, and Thin Lizzy, he showed me what classic rock was and also taught me drums when I was 3. My biggest influence as a songwriter when growing up was Pink, an absolutely phenomenal writer, taking life experiences and writing about them in a way that anyone who is listening can connect to the song itself! And Queen’s performance, stage presence and power always made me wanna be out on the stage like them!

DARRAGH: My biggest influences were Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake. I’m hugely influenced by 80’s rock bands, probably because my mum and dad were in a band, and that was their era. There were some amazing bands and songwriting back then, and the guitarists were incredible.

CHRIS: I listened to Queen, Guns n Roses and Thin Lizzy. Scott Gorham and my dad influenced me a lot.  My dad plays in bands, so I guess I picked up the love of guitar from him. Like Darragh, we’ve been hugely influenced by bands in the 70’s and 80’s.  That was the golden age of rock, and we’d love to see it come back. Great guitar playing, great songs!

GABRIEL: Brazilian pop music, classic rock, bossa nova, samba, pop rock, heavy metal – I love great rhythm and strong front men singing

KOREY:  listened to a lot of classic rock when I was a kid as that’s what my dad listened to. The likes of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, ZZ Top etc. I’ve now expanded my music taste and listen to nearly all styles of music. The biggest influences for me as a drummer growing up and even today would be John Bonham, Brian Downey, Joey Jordison, Ray Luzier and Vinnie Paul to name a few.

When you got to a certain point in your life. Who or what influenced you to become musicians?

HAZEL JADE: Well I grew up in a very musical family, my parents were recording songs when I was aged 1 and 2, as we had a recording studio and my mum was always recording! My dad taught me drums at 3, and at 4 I started learning piano! I was always surrounded by music so I suppose I always leaned towards music and the arts from a very young age, I couldn’t imagine growing up any other way.

DARRAGH: I always had a natural interest in guitars but when i got to 5 or 6 and could actually hold a guitar properly, thats when everything changed.

CHRIS:Every musician I’ve seen influenced me because it showed me that I could use my creative side. Not to imitate, but to learn.  We all start off imitating our heroes, but then we learn to put our own flair on our own music.
GABRIEL My dad influenced me a lot, he is a guitar player. Later my brother started playing drums and that got me really excited too to start doing drums lessons. My dad couldn’t afford buying a drum kit, so I started learning guitar, then bass came across because I loved the sound of it.KOREY: I’ve always been I interested in music but growing up with it was just a hobby. I wanted to join a band to see what it was like and when I finally got into a room with other musicians and jammed with them I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Who had the initial idea of starting the band Elevation Falls?

  HAZEL JADE: Well I was a solo singer songwriter from the age of 11, and I had co-wrote with many other artists around the world by the time I was 16. I then decided that I wanted to lean more into the rock and roll world and create a band! We held auditions in September 2012, and by October 2012 we already had our first song written, our name ‘Elevation Falls’ set in stone and our first gig was lined up for January 2013 at ‘The Vibe For Philo’ in the Button factory Dublin!

DARRAGH: Lead singer hazel.

CHRIS: Hazel and Belinda

GABRIEL: Hazel and Belinda started this whole thing auditioning for musicians and I was one of the first to be auditioned.

KOREY: Hazel and her manager, Belinda.

What can you tell me of the Origins EP?

  HAZEL JADE:Origins was written over a good period of time, but it was to show the songwriting side of the band, how the past has changed us and pushed us forward. The songs all reflect things that we’ve been through or had an emotional reaction to. Brought Me Down was my personal story, as was Tonight.

DARRAGH: I didn’t play on this album, but it’s pretty good!

CHRIS: It’s raw classic rock with a modern twist, we focus on songwriting as the core, if we had more money, we’d have an amazing production team to carry that through.  We feel though that it reached a pretty good standard, but our next album is going to be mega!

GABRIEL: I played bass on some of the songs, and drums on others, I’m proud in particular of Watching Over You as I drummed on that!

KOREY: I’m big into Soul’s Burning, we’re re-recording this song, so I’ll be putting my own spin on it!

You have a new album coming out, what can you tell me about it? and when is it coming out?

   HAZEL JADE: We are super super super excited for this album, I am so proud of the music we are producing now by far, it ties in all our best parts and everything we love in music! Duelling guitars, gut busting drums and lyrics and vocal melodies with both passion and emotion! We also have a lot of people behind the scenes working to get this one become THE one. We were pre-recording at the end of last year and we are finally recording the finished products this February, release date is still to be confirmed but we are aiming for a pre summer release, April – May

DARRAGH: The new album will be super juicy let me guarantee you that, expect large dynamics from slow soulful acoustic songs to heavy hitting dual leads. I could tell you when its coming out, but it will probably be a few weeks after that.

CHRIS: It is going back to the roots of 70s and 80s rock no messing around we just want to rock out hopefully it will be out in the next few months

GABRIEL: It’s gonna be different than what we used to do, loads of surprises!!

KOREY: I can’t wait to drum on it! I’ve heard the songs, and I’m ready to ROCK!

Is there any plans on doing full tour of Ireland and UK?

HAZEL JADE:At this stage we’ve toured Ireland over the past few years, and we have made a few visits to other parts of the world such as London, Manchester, Glastonbury and Osijek in Croatia! The good news is it has been confirmed we are doing a UK and European tour this August for a month! We will be gigging nearly every night, performing our album, TV and radio interviews and meeting our fans! Hopefully we’ll make some great new fans too!

DARRAGH: A full tour is something we’re going to accomplish in this year. I’m ready to give this my all!  The tour bus will be rocking and rolling down the road, without smelly socks I hope!

CHRIS: We’ve a UK and Europe tour but if the opportunity arose we would do Ireland and the UK as one big tour as well! Hopefully with travelling around Europe, we’ll see new opportunities come our way!

GABRIEL: We tour in Ireland frequently! In August we are planning on going on tour in Europe, including the UK!

KOREY: Really looking forward to going on tour with the guys! We are going on tour to Europe and UK!

What are the long term plans for Elevation Falls?

   HAZEL JADE: Elevation Falls wants to bring the raw back to rock, the boom back in blues and the fun back in society. We want to be able to get on a stage in front of thousands, play one of our hits and have everyone in the audience connect to the song and sing it back to us! We want our music to inspire people in life and allow people to just let their hair down, but we also want to bring it back to great songwriting and fantastic showmanship. Once we get this album, we will be focusing on music videos, tours, fans and moving onto the USA    

   DARRAGH:Long term plans are to prevent other guitarist Chris from being drunk, and to maintain a balance of writing new songs while performing live. 

   CHRIS:To influence people into taking up music, and don’t take any notice of Darragh 😀

GABRIEL: Make enough money, buy a yacht, then celebrate life with a massive orgy! No really, make enough money to enjoy the experience of being a musician.

KOREY: We want to make it to bigger stages, and get our music out there and heard.

Finally, what advice can you give to people that wants to become a musician? or even pick up an instrument?

   HAZEL JADE:I honestly think you should just go for it, you’ll figure out fairly quickly if music suits you or not. But be prepared, the life of the musician isn’t simple, it’s incredibly fun and it’s an indescribable feeling when you play or perform but there is hours of effort, days of planning, years of pure belief and hard work, and if you’re in a band you get to spend it with your second family (band members) which is always a plus! I wouldn’t change anything I’ve done as an artist, it’s given me a new outlook on life and it found a talent in me that made me become the lead singer of Elevation Falls! So I’m saying in other words, just do it, but only if your prepared to put in the effort!

DARRAGH: My advice is that if you even have the slightest thought or interest in doing it, then just DO IT!!! Too many people sit down talking about or contemplating playing an instrument when they could already have a few songs and basic technique learned.

CHRIS: If you feel your heart is into it i say go for it and try be the best you can because at the end of the day that’s all you can do, but most importantly enjoy it

GABRIEL: The playing part is really nice! All the rest is hard work with little pay when you start out, and that will make you think twice if you want to actually be in the industry. Be ready to work in low paid jobs that are easy to take a break from, to be able to tour with your band. But if you want to only play guitar at home or with your friends, that will also be fun. I think this industry if you’re going to be professional, suits younger people who have far less commitments when they start out. Unfortunately as we get older, we have to support ourselves financially. That’s tough, and if you studied for a career, in the end the risk you take is high to follow a professional life in music. If you’re prepared for all this, then just do it!

KOREY: Just do it! If you’re passionate about music and that’s what you want to do pursue it no matter what anyone else thinks.

Thank you to Elevation Falls for taking time out of their busy schedule to do the interview, it is very, very much appreciated.
Ally the drummer, due to personal reasons had to leave the band and is still in contact with them. Korey, has taken over the drumming duties for the band.
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