The Old Grey Whistle Band: Gig Review

When I found out that The Old Grey Whistle Band were playing The Guide Post in Ryhope, Sunderland, I heard some good things about this band and decided come round to find out what they are like.

As I came around to The Guide just after 8pm and when I came in, they were just finishing setting up for the gig, to start at 9pm, as they were going through their sound check, I was listening to them, and they seem to be OK, they like the riffs and shredding of 70s rock bands.

As they did a full track of Hotel California by the Eagles, I thought “OK, if this is what is to come, I am going to enjoy this gig”, and this is just sound check.

As they came on stage they played the old grey Whistle test tune. And they fired straight into The Who’s New Revolution, which was pretty good. Paint It Black by the Rolling Stones, what a track to follow The Who, and fuck me they done it perfectly.

As they went into the song All Or Nothing, which they done brilliantly.

Led Zeppelin is the next band they played and there was plenty of riffs and shredding. Santana’s She’s Not There was awesome as there is some tasty riffs and they did it justice.

Thin Lizzy Don’t Believe Word was next the nailed this classic down to a tee. As they went on though their set the riffs kept coming, as they on they did some Don Henley’s stuff from the 80s it was ok, but I quite liked their version of the track.

When they said they were going to do Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, I thought “OK, their standard has been high up to now” they absolutely nailed to a tee, and when they said that this was the last song of this half of the set I was like “If this is how good this part was, I want more from the 2nd half”.

If you get the chance to see this band, go and see them from what I heard of the first half of the gig, and this is a brilliant band, and can’t wait for the second half.

As the second half started, they started off with UFO’S Doctor, Doctor, not a bad cover. They had some nice shredding on this song.

Led Zeppelin is in order with this track they did, OK granted, the singer might not be Robert Plant, but he did give this song good go, and so did the band as well as they belted out song, which got people up and dancing.

Over the course of the set, some of the songs that they done, were pretty good, as they did Alice Cooper’s School’s Out and Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall pt 2, these are two timeless classic songs and they did do them justice.

Jimi Hendrix, this band can do some classics and they are brilliant as they are nailing each song that they do. As the set is drawing to a close they did the Doobie Brothers and they pretty much got it spot on.

The Doors is the next band that got played by this The Old Grey Whistle Band, this was a stereotypical Doors song, a good bluesy track got people dancing and singing along with the song, it was done brilliantly. The Cult and the song She Sells Sanctuary is the next and by the gods they did perfect this song, as it is notoriously difficult to do.

Keep on rocking in the free world is brilliant song and there was plenty of riffs in the track and that was it the end of the gig.

To sum up this band I would give this band a 4.5 out of 5 I would go and see this band again

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