From Ashes To New: Music Review

From Ashes To New are an Alternative Rock and Rap band from Lancaster PA, USA. The band consists of Matt Brandyberry (Vocals/Guitar/Keys/Programming), Danny Case (Vocals), Lance Dowdle (Guitar) and Mat Madiro (Drums).

When I first heard of From Ashes To New it was a few years ago, it was when I first started to listen to Internet radio stations, where on one of the shows they played a couple of tracks by the band. When I received a couple of tracks, I thought Cool, this band is pretty good.

So, when I played the two songs that I got, I thought OK, now I see why I like this band. the songs that I got were, Breaking Now and Through It All. The first track, Breaking Now is a pretty cool song that has a cool balance between all members of the band, now, I am not a huge fan of Rap, but on Breaking Now, the rapping is pretty good and it fits pretty well with what the band is going for.

The second song is Through It All, this is another song that has some Rapping in it, it is like Breaking Now it works well with the Rock music that the band is doing. plus the music is really on point.

Now I really like From Ashes To New, as the have done some really music and I would recommend to anyone that you go and check out the band on their Facebook page.

I would give From Ashes To New and the music that I have listened to a 4.5 out of 5 good solid music from the guys.

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