Scalefighter: Music Review

Scalefighter are a Hard Rock and Metal band from British Columbia, Canada. The band consists of Craig Passant, Scotty Gamble, and Robin Lei Tietz.

In the last few years, I have listened to a lot of music that has come out of Canada, and that music has been brilliant, and some of the bands that I have listened to, I have come to really like and become a huge of them. Scalefighter is one of those bands that I becoming a fan of.

Now when I received a couple of tracks from the band, I thought OK, what have you got? So when I put the songs on, I was like, OK, this band is going for the eighties Hard Rock and Metal vibe. The fist song that I put on is Talkin’, when I heard this for the first time, I was like OK I like this band. Like I said earlierin the post they have that 80’s vibe going on with the song, which is pretty cool and the song has some pretty cool guitar riffs.

The second song is Uncomfortable. This songs starts of with some acoustic guitars and then it come in with a haunting electric guitars as a counterpoint, and everything kicks in and it is a brilliant track to listen to. To a point this song and the way that Scalefighter has arranged Uncomfortable, reminds me in a way of Rush (Another brilliant Canadian band).

Anyways, you guys need to check out Scalefighter, as I highly recommend these guys. You can find them on their Facebook page, as you can find out more information on there.

I would give Scalefighter and the music that I have listened to a 4.5 out of 5 simply brilliant

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