From The Dust Returned: Homecoming EP Review

From The Dust Returned are a Progressive Rock and Metal band from Rome, Italy. The band consists of Alex De Angelis (vocals, guitars), Marco Del Bufalo (vocals), Miki Leandro Nini (bass), Danilo Petrelli (keyboards) and Cristiano Ruggiero (drums).

Well, Italy you are doing it again, you are giving us another brilliant band in the form of From The Dust Returned. As I listened to the Homecoming EP I didn’t know what to expect from the band as this is the time I have actually heard of the band.

Now, I have listened to the Homecoming EP a good few times. At first, when I put the EP on, I was to sure about it, as the overall sound harked back to the 70’s Prog Rock and has a sound that is haunting and atmospheric, and I hadn’t listened to this genre and style for over 30 years, I wasn’t used to it, but saying that, I was like, OK, this has potential, keep on listening!! So I did.

This six track EP has some really good tunes on it. The songs that got my attention and I liked are: Harlequeen, Echo Of Faces, Glare and Wipe Away The Rain. All these tracks have got some amazing guitars, keyboards, drums and the vocals are very atmospheric, which in turn gives this EP an ambient feel to it, which in on itself pure  brilliance.

Off the EP, the track that I liked the most is Glare, as this has some really good acoustic guitars at the being and goes into the heavy distorted in places, and the vocals are amazing on this track.

I would have to say, that as I haven’t listened to this type of Progressive Rock for over 30 years, that From The Dust Returned has gotten me back into listening to the genre of Prog Rock after such a long time.

Well, if you are into the Progressive Rock and Metal genre or you are just getting into it and want to find a band that you want to listen to, I would highly recommend that you go and check out From The Dust Returned on their Facebook page.

I would give From The Dust Returned and their EP Homecoming a definite 4.5 out of 5 for an atmospheric album.

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