Freight Train: I Album Review

Freight Train are a AoR, Melodic Hard Rock band from Rimini, Italy. Ivan Mantovani – Voice, Enrico Testi – Guitar & Backing vocals, Anton Bagdatyev – Keyboards & Backing vocals, Lorenzo Pucci – Bass & Backing vocals, Andrea Cappelletti – Guitar and Mattia Simoncini – Drums. 

In the last 20  years or so, when you think of the Rock and Metal music scene, the first band that springs to mind where everybody pretty much has heard of is Lacuna Coil from Milan. But over the last few years that I have been doing Project Metal Music, I have come across a good number of bands that have come out of Italy, such as Pulvis Et Umbra, Duius, Crohm, Fate Unburied, Bastian, Irreverance, Althea, just to name a few awesome bands that hail from the country.

When I put on Freight Train’s I album, I was wondering what they had in store for me. Now, as I went through the album, listening to each track, I was thinking, OK, these guys are good, but the type of Hard Rock that they were playing is not my favourite genre of Rock, and what Freight Train have created on this album reminds me of the 1980’s Rock scene that was coming out of America at the time.

Now, I can see where these guys are coming from, and I do like the tracks Another Chance and Any Way You Want It (Journey Cover). overall the band has done a good job on the album, it has some pretty good riffs and good vocals.

Like I said before, this might not be my favourite genre of Rock, but I can see where these guys are coming from and I do appreciate the music that they have created on album. If you are into the Melodic Hard Rock genre, I recommend that you go and check Freight Train out on their Facebook page.

I would give Freight Train and the I album a 4 out of 5 for an overall decently solid album.

Project Metal Music

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