Metal Empire Showcase – gig review – Pt 1 ThunderShield

November 5, 2016 – Marietta, GA – The 120 Tavern

Pathfinder Promotions invited to the Metal Empire Showcase on Saturday and I heard the call. 6 bands, so I will try something new and review the bands separate. I was prepared for a long night with bleeding ears, but as usual I got there too late and missed the first band Bridges To Burn so this review will be in 5 parts. It must have started earlier as I was only 20 minutes late and the second band was already half through their gig.

This band was ThunderShield from Dallas, GA. Even though I came in late, I already felt at home. Good power metal on the speed side, the vocalist has a great voice and could feed the high pitched screams into the mic like a Rob Halford. Loved the bassist’s vocal part on this, who also had a great voice range:

ThunderShield are Sam Brians and Chris Holter on guitars, Austin Dix on bass, Mikel Hutchings on vocals and Joshua Street on drums. They recently released a self titled album and have been around for at least three years and sing songs like this one about Vlad the Impaler (Crown of Blood?):

There was a point where they reminded me of a mix between Helloween and Manowar, they definitely play a good power metal and I look forward to seeing them again so I can see the whole gig. Their Iron Maiden cover of “Powerslave” wasn’t necessarily the best song of their set, but Iron Maiden is one of those bands that doesn’t cover easy and they still did a good job:

I cannot say anything negative about this band, on the contrary. I really liked them and I hope I can see a complete gig as they really rocked and I would have loved to see them from begin. But it was a great start of the evening. Thumbs up!

You can look them up on Facebook and Twitter @ThunderShield1 as well as Reverbnation and Bandcamp.

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