Stitched Up Heart: Atlanta, GA concert review

November 4, 2016 – Atlanta, GA – The Vinyl

I would like to apologize to the readers in advance if this gig review seems a bit biased. It probably is, because I just love these guys. As a band they totally rock the house and as human beings they are about as nice as they come and I am always overall happy to see my friends of Stitched Up Heart come to Atlanta. Also, incase I never mentioned it, this band actually inspired me to participate in Project Metal Music in the first place, they are and have been my inspiration. So here goes.

Decker started the gig with his awesome drum-playing skills…

…after which the rest of the band took the stage and began rocking it with their single “Finally Free”

This followed “Event Horizon” and by the time “Never Alone” started, the audience was bouncing.

It was awesome watching Decker play the drums while staring at the audience the whole time. With the newly grown sideburns he reminded me of a serial killer looking for his next victim. This is a really great effect in my opinion (people tend to ignore the drummer which is a mistake). Next up was “I Can’t Breathe”, followed by “Catch Me When I Fall”

“City of Angels” had us nearing the end and “Monster” would then be the last song of the night by this great band. Watch the clip, how many bands do you know that crowd surf the audience?

I was sad when it was over and hope they come back to Atlanta soon. After their show I was outside and heard people speaking about how talented they were. I guess this is why they are playing at the Revolver Awards this year. Only some Icon For Hire fans didn’t seem to like them much, but let me give a short comment about this band, which headlined the show.

Personally not my kind of music, although I am sure they have their legitimacy as the number of fans proved. Too many hip hop influences for my taste which made them sound a lot like our homegrown Cinematic from Cumming, GA (which I am not a fan of either). Fortunately music tastes differ.

My point of criticism though, (which I cannot keep to myself) I get these selfie moments and while Stitched Up Heart was taking the time (as always) to ensure every single fan that wanted to, got a selfie and a hug, Icon For Hire actually told me “If we were to take a selfie with every fan, we would be here all night”. Well ain’t that the most conceded thing I have ever heard. Probably not gonna get very far with that attitude. Remember, the fans are what make or break a band.

I do want to mention the opening band though, The Well Reds. A pop-rock quartet from Atlanta, they were quite entertaining. I do hope to cross paths with them again.


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