Metal Empire Showcase – gig review – Pt 2 Scythia

I am kind of mixed feelings about this band from Canada, but was very curious about them from the get go. Scythia are Dave Khan on guitars and main vocals, Terry Savage on bass and vocals and Celine Derval on drums and vocals. They call themselves a fantasy metal band, I call it folk metal. And with folk metal I am very picky. They were unfortunate to be playing between a power metal and a speed metal band, personally I would have started the show with them.

Songs like “Bear Claw Tavern” and “Rise of the Kraken” had their interesting side. The band was definitely having a lot of fun on stage and Dave was telling us how the whole band was eaten by a giant kraken except the three left on stage. The bassist was wearing sneakers with his medieval warrior outfit, which kind of did not fit. But on the music side very entertaining and straightforward instruments. “The Black Death” was a very good song and I will keep an eye on this band who has been around since 2008.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter @ScythiaMetal as well as Bandcamp.

I hope to see them again, maybe with more bands of the genre.

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