Zifir: Kingdom Of Nothingness Album Review

Zifir is a Black Metal band from Istanbul, Turkey and Brno, Czech Repulic. The consists of Onur Önok – Vocals, Guitars, Bass and Nursuz – Drums.

Over the last nine months or so I ave been getting a lot of awesome music coming through to PMM for review and for consideration for air play on the PMM’s radio show Project Metal Across The Pond. Zifir is one of those bands that sent me their music for not only for air play, but for review as well.

When I put the Kingdom Of Nothingness on a weeks back, I was unsure of it at first, but as I listened to the album few times, just to get a feel of what the band was going for, and by the end of the third listening, I was a fan of theirs, as I really liked the overall sound that they were going for, which is the dark, foreboding side of Black Metal. The guitars and bass on this album, done by Onur Önok are superb, as he does some amazing riffs on the album, also the vocals done by Onur Önok, they are not over the top, not like some other bands as they can be to over powering, but on this album they are brilliantly done. The drums on this offering, done by Nursuz, are damn good, the blast beats are not in your face, and they are not too intense for people to listen to.

The songs that I found that I liked or found interesting off the Kingdom Of Nothingness are: The Relief in Disbelief, Mina, 769, Diabolis Praescriptum, Common Insanity, A State of Chaos, As Weak As Your God, Echoes From Nowhere, The Ascension, A Crowded Nothingness and Evoke. Overall I really enjoyed the album.

Well, Zifir is an awesome band and their Kingdom Of Nothingness is a brilliant album. If you are an existing fan of the Black Metal or you have just discovered the genre, you can’t go far wrong in checking out Zifir. I would recommend that you check these out on their Facebook page.

I would give Zifir and their album a 4.5 out of 5 for really good atmospheric album.

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