Nebulium: Nebulium E.P. Review

Nebulium  are a 5 piece Blackened Death/Sci-Fi Metal band from Murrieta, CA, USA. They formed relatively recently of July of 2015.

I first came across Nebulium on Twitter a week ago, and thought nothing of it when I followed on Twitter, as I do get a lot of musicians/bands etc, but when they messaged me on there, I opened up the message and discovered that they were on Bandcamp, so I took a look at their music on Bandcamp, so I liked what I had heard, so I downloaded their E.P. Nebulium.

Their first track on the E.P. is Amputation, as the name suggests, as the beginning says, that “Their is a lot people losing their shit on this rock” as people are getting shot etc and limbs being amputated. The music of this track is pretty brutal as it is old school Black Metal, with a bit of Sci-Fi Metal chucked in for good measure. The vocals and guitars are pretty brutal in a rough way, but you do  get the sense they they are really good musicians.

The Enigmatic Existence at the start it might be slow, but once they get into the song, then bang it will make your ears  bleed from the ferocity of the guitars  and the pounding drums there is some growls in this song but not much as the music is taking center stage this track.

Intergalactic Infestation is more Melodic Blackened Death Metal, than just Death Metal, there some sweet shredding and amazing drumming.

The only downside is that I could hear the singer properly as the mic volume was on the low side, but thats the only problem that I could see on this E.P.

I would give Nebulium a definite 4 out of 5 for this E.P. for a pretty good E.P.

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