Ur Draugr/Haar: Ur Draugr/Haarr Split Album Review

This is a review of an E.P. done by Haar and Ur Draugr, I don’t know much of Haar.

Ur Draugr are a Blackened Death Metal band from Perth, Western Australia, and the band consists of Drew James Griffiths, Dean Lockhart and Dan Grainger.

Over the last few months, I have noticed that Australia has been producing some awesome bands as of late, especially in the Black and Death Metal genres and even in the Prog Metal genre.

I have listened to a lot of bands that are in the Blackened Death Metal genre over the last year or so, and I must say that majority of them have been brilliant. Ur Draugr and Haar are up their with some of the best bands from the Southern Hemisphere who play Blackened Death Metal.

The first 3 tracks of this split E.P. was done by Haar the songs are Extinct, Strings and Architects. Haar has done a brilliant job in writing the song and the musicianship on these tracks is sublime. Out of all the tracks that they have the one that stands out for me is Architects as this has some brutal drumming on it, which I love.

the last track off this E.P. is Ur Draugr The Vista Profunda done by Ur Draugry. This track is the longest on the E.P. at nearly 20 minutes. And Ur Draugr has done a masterful job of  writing and performing it, as this takes you on a journey. I have watched some of Ur Draugr’s videos on YouTube and The Vista Profunda has to be my favourite track by them, as this track has everything that a fan of the genre, it has brutal everything, from the drumming to the guitars, to the singing.

I highly recommend that you check out this E.P. if you are into the Death or Black Metal genres. You can find it on Bandcamp. Or you can check out Ur Draugr on their Facebook page.

I would give this E.P. the bands Haar and Ur Draugr a 4.5 out of 5 for writing a brilliant E.P.

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