Blood Of The Wolf: II: Campaign of Extermination

Blood Of The Wolf is a Extreme Metal band from Chicago Illinois, USA. The band consists of Mike Koniglio-Guitar and Vocals, Frank Garcia-Guitar, Christopher Grimes-Bass and Rick Hernandez-Drums.

Over the last 35 plus years, I have become somewhat of a fan of Extreme Metal, and in that time I have seen it evolve into something that is huge. Over the years I have became a fan of some of the old school bands such as Bathory, Marduk, Immortal etc. When Blood Of The Wolf sent me the II: Campaign Of Extermination through, I was, OK What have you got for me?

As I listened to the album I must admit that after the first initial run through of the album that Blood Of The Wolf is good. As they are not in your face with the technical side of music, as with some other Extreme Metal bands out there.

After I have listened to the II: Campaign Of Extermination a couple of times, I am starting to like Blood Of The Wolf even more when I first starting listening to the band. The songs that I found that I liked or found interesting are: Thunder the Drums of War, Campaign of Extermination, Beneditio Ultionis: Their Blood For My Glory, The Sword is my Light and Salvation, Scorched Earth Ceremony, With Fire And A Thousand Flashing Blades and A Sermon of Slaughtered Foes.

All of the tracks that I have mentioned are really good and they have some brilliant riffs from the guitars, the drums were on point and the vocals were good. Now, if you like the Extreme Metal genre or you just want to get into a new band, then Blood Of The Wolf is the band for you, I would recommend that you go and check them out on their Facebook or Bandcamp pages for more information on the band and music.

I would give Blood Of The Wolf and their album II: Campaign Of Extermination a 4.5 out of 5 for a really good album.

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