Black Steam: Black Steam EP

Black Steam is a heavy metal band from Linköping, Sweden. The band consists of Stefan Borg – Vocals, Wilhelm Glanz – Guitar, Jan Högström – Guitar, Hans Liljebladh – Bass and Oscar Rask – Drums. When I was checking Facebook, I received a message from Stefan the vocalist of Black Steam, he asked if I […]

Evilon: Leviathan Album Review

Evilon are a Melodic Folk – Death Metal from Arvika, Sweden. The band consists of Vocals (growl): Joel Sundell, Bass/clean vocals: Björn Wildjärn, Drums: Anders Hagen, Guitar: Kenneth Evstrand and Guitar: Jonny Sjödin. When I first came across Evilon, it was a few months ago, and I have listened to some of the Leviathan album […]

Crossing Eternity: The Rising World Album Review

Crossing Eternity are a Rock and Metal band from Bucharest, Romania, Linköping, Sweden and Germany. The band consists of Berti Barbera – vocal/percussion intruments, Manu Savu – Guitar, Uffe Tilman – Drums, and Johann Hentz – Bass. Over the years, since I started listening to Rock and Metal, I have come to like a lot […]

Domgård: Ödelagt Album Review

Domgård are a Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band consists of Vindkall – Guitars, synth & vocals, Mardröm – Guitars & vocals, Hrimner – Drums & vocals and Askr – Bass & vocals. When Domgård sent me their album Ödelagt, and the read the biography of the band, I was, OK, they are […]