Mind’s Doors: The Edge Of The World Album Review

Mind’s Doors is a Symphonic, Progressive, Melodic Rock band from Alicante, Spain. The band consists of Alberto Abeledo – Guitarra, César Alcaraz – Voz, Jose Bernabeu – Batería, Marcos Beviá – Teclados and Eloy Romero – Bajo. Over the course of the last five years, more so in the last two years, I have noticed […]

Rosslyn: Soul In Sanctuary Album Review

Rosslyn are a Heavy Metal band from Zaragoza, Spain. The band consists of Borja Callejas – Vocals, Jorge Martínez – Guitar (Lead), Tomás Menéndez – Guitar, Mikel Insausti – Drums and Josë Luís Lorente – Bass. When I growing up in the late seventies and early eighties, that was the time I got into Rock […]

Moksha: Supersilver Haze Album Review

Moksha are a Death & Roll, Metal, Hardcore band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Guillem Funollet -Vocals, Ivan Ruiz -Guitar & Vocals, Narcis Prat -Drums and Dani Budé -Bass. What can I say, in the last few months, I have been sent a quite a bit of music from bands that hail from […]

Ground: I Album Review

Ground are a Sludge Metal duo from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Marcos – Guitar and Isaac – Drums. Over this last year or so, I have have seen a insurgence from bands coming from Spain, especially from the Barcelona area. Ground is in good company, as there are other good bands from the […]

Avida Dollars: Catarsis EP Review

Avida Dollars are a Rock band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Pablo Franco (Guitarra y voz), David Camilleri (Guitarra), Xavi Camilleri (Bajo y berridos) and Monchu López (Batería). Over the last few weeks, I have been getting a good few bands from Spain, primarily from Barcelona sending me their music, and from what […]

Astray Valley: Unneth Album Review

Astray Valley are a Modern Metal band from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Clau Violette: Vocals/Screams, Joan Aneris: Guitar, Àdri Funérailles: Guitar, Jorge Romero: Bass and Unai Splinters: Drums. Over the last year or so, I have noticed that there are several bands from Spain that are starting to make waves within the Rock […]

Nomera: Holos EP Review

Nomera are a Metal Instrumental band from Valencia, Spain. The band consists of David Hernández (bateria), Aleksey Stepanov “John Base” (bajo), Vicente Roca (guitarra) and Jose Jurado (guitarra). When David the drum of Nomera contacted me via email to see if I was interested in doing a review for their Holos EP, I said OK, […]