Frost Giant: The Harlot Star Album Review

Frost Giant are a Metal, Folk Metal and Epic Metal band from Philadelphia, PA, USA. The band consists of Matti Frost – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Scott Breustedt – rhythm and lead guitars, Ty Asoudegan – rhythm and lead guitars, Ian Bainbridge – bass, backing vocals and Armen Kohroglian – drums. Over the last few […]

On Top: Top Dollar E.P. Review

On Top is a Hard Rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and the band consists of three people, they are Jaron Gulino – Vocals/Bass, Danny Piselli – Drums/Vocals and Ric Haas – Guitar/Vocals. At first I wasn’t to sure about this band, but I thought OK, you haven’t even heard this band before, so give […]

1818: Hiraeth E.P. Review

1818 is a Rock/Metal band from Shippensburg, PA, USA. The band consists of Paul Saliga Voice, Whit Bender Bass, Cody Wright Guitar and Scott Magruder Drums. After I have listened to 1818’s Hiraeth E.P. I have come to the conclusion that this is one hell of an E.P. The tracks on this E.P. are Seven, […]