Steelawake: Steelawake Album Review

Steelawake are an Alternative Rock band from Milan, Italy. The band consists of Teo – voice, guitar, Daline – voice, guitar, Gua – bass and Peet – drums. Well, Milan Italy has done it again, they have produced another good band. When I did some research on Steelawake, I found out that they are from […]

Agony Face: CXVI Evolving Discharges Album Review

Agony Face are a Surrealistic Death Metal band from Milan Italy. The band consists of Davide – Vocals, Riccardo – Guitar, Alessandro – Guitar, Mirko – Bass and Alesandro – Drum. In recent years Italy has produce major music talent within the Rock and Metal genres, for me in the last three and half years, […]

Althea: Memories Have No Name Album Review

Althea is an Experimental Progressive Rock/Metal band from Milan, Italy. The band consists of Dario Bortot Guitar, Fabrizio Zilio Bass, Marco Zambardi Key and Loops, Sergio Sampietro Drums and Alessio Accardo Vocals. Memories Have No Name is a 16 song album, that has a lot of really good drumming, brilliant bass lines, some really sweet […]